How to set up the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

Family Hub refrigerator with flexzone open

Family Hub is unlike any refrigerator you have ever had before. The Family Hub setup will walk you through establishing a Wi-Fi network, Samsung Account, phone number, and voice ID.

Initial setup process

  1. Select your region.

  2. Select your language.

  3. Connect to your Wi-Fi network. Select your network from the list and enter your network's password.

    Note: While this step is optional, nearly all the best features of your Family Hub come from an internet connection!

  4. Agree to the terms and conditions.

  5. Sign in to your Samsung Account. If you need to make a Samsung Account, you can.
    Note: While this step is optional, features which sync with other devices, like your mobile device or SmartThings devices, require signing in to the same Samsung Account on each device, including your Family Hub.

  6. Tap Start.

Family Hub setup complete! Now do some exploring and discover the Family Hub features you enjoy most.

Note: Family Hub fridges on 6.0 and above can no longer add profiles, including during set up.

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