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Connect Home Initial Setup

Ever experienced poor Wi-Fi connection even though you are literally a wall away from the router? With Samsung Connect Home, you'll transform your Wi-Fi network with its corner-to-corner coverage. You'll be able to connect compatible cameras, lights, and more gadgets to control everything with your device. But first, you need to learn how to set things up properly. Follow along to find out everything about the setup.

Choose the Right Type of Hub

Your home is not the same as your neighbor's, so why should your routers be? Larger homes need larger coverage. Is Wi-Fi in every room too much to ask? We don't think so either. Here are 3 types of Connect Home routers you can purchase according to your needs.

Connect Home 3-Pack Mesh System

If your house is 3 stories high, having a single router in the basement is definitely not going to cover your entire house. With the 3-Pack Mesh System, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your whole house is covered. So spread those routers and forget about dropped Wi-Fi signals for good!

Connect Home Single

If you live in a small house or an apartment, Connect Home Single is your perfect match. Install the router where you use Internet the most, and get connected without any interruptions. 

Connect Home Pro

For workaholics, gameaholics, and streamaholics, Connect Home Pro allows you to enjoy ultra-fast Wi-Fi speed (up to 1733 MBps@5 GHz+; double the speed of regular Connect Home routers). Power up your Wi-Fi and say "Adios" to annoying lag and load times.

Setting Up

Wi-Fi Hub Setup

  1. Download the Samsung Connect app from the Play Store. If it is pre-installed, launch Samsung Connect on your device.

    Setup for the Connect Home can only be performed by installing the Samsung Connect App on a phone or tablet. This is currently not available on PCs.

  2. If this is your first time setting up, a notification to add Samsung Connect Home hub will automatically appear. When you see the message, touch ADD NOW to begin the setup.

    If the notification does not automatically appear, you can start the setup manually.

  3. Enter your Samsung account information and then touch SIGN IN.

    If you don't have a Samsung account, touch CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the on-screen prompts.

  4. Review the Terms and Conditions, select I agree to all, and then touch AGREE.

  5. Touch DONE.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions on connecting Connect Home to the modem.

    The Wi-Fi hub will turn on and the indicator light will flash green. During pairing, the indicator light will flash green and red. If you are having trouble with the setup, learn how to reset the hub below.

  7. Once your device has been connected and registered, set up your Wi-Fi network. Enter the Network name and password, and then touch NEXT. Select Set up SmartThings Hub to connect compatible devices. Learn more about Setting Up SmartThings Hub.

  8. When the setup is complete, you can add more Wi-Fi Hubs or finish the setup. For this example, touch ADD ANOTHER WI-FI HUB.

  9. Follow the on-screen prompts and then touch NEXT.

  10. Plug in your new Wi-Fi Hub's POWER CABLE only. You don't need to connect an Ethernet cable since the new Wi-Fi Hub connects to your network wirelessly.

  11. When the setup is complete, you can check the strength of the connection by touching CHECK NOW or add more Wi-Fi Hubs by touching ADD ANOTHER WI-FI HUB. For this example, touch DONE.

Reset the Wi-Fi Hub

If your installation is not going so smoothly or your Wi-Fi seems awfully slow, try resetting it. Get a paper clip or anything with a thin tip and gently push the reset button located at the back of the Connect Home until the green indicator light turns off.

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