Use Connect Home as a SmartThings Hub

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Connect Home is more than just a Wi-Fi Hub. You can use it as one central SmartThings hub where you can connect all your compatible devices, such as a light bulb, motion sensor, lock, or thermostat.

Configure your Connect Home

To use Connect Home as a SmartThings Hub, you need to turn on a setting in the SmartThings app. Open SmartThings on your phone, and then tap Menu (the three horizontal lines). Select the Location where Connect Home is saved, and then select your Connect Home from the list of devices. Tap the switch next to SmartThings Hub to use your Connect Home as a SmartThings Hub.

You are now ready to connect all compatible devices and start using your Connect Home as a SmartThings Hub.

Enable SmartThings Hub setting for Connect Home on the SmartThings App
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