Use the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator Beverage Center

Chilled, flavored water from BESPOKE beverage center

Select BESPOKE 4-Door Flex refrigerator models has a built-in Beverage Center that is stylishly hidden behind the top left panel. he Beverage Center's AutoFill water pitcher lets you create refreshing drinks by adding whatever you like to the built-in infuser, like lemon slices or tea leaves. The infuser will keep your ingredients steeped throughout the day. Additionally, you’ll have access to chilled, filtered water with the Beverage Center's regular water dispenser. BESPOKE refrigerators with the Beverage Center are available on our website.

Note: The Beverage Center is not available on all 4-Door Flex models. It is not available on any other kind of BESPOKE model.

Use the AutoFill Pitcher

The Beverage Center’s AutoFill pitcher will regularly fill up with filtered water each day. If you’d like to add more water or pause it for a while, just enable or disable the AutoFill function on the control panel as desired. When you want to add flavor to your water, it's easy to take out the pitcher and insert some fruit or tea leaves.

  1. Open the Beverage Center by pulling the handle at the bottom of the top-left fridge door.

  2. To remove the pitcher, pull it straight out.

  3. Once it's been removed from the fridge, pull up on the pitcher’s lid to open it.

  4. Place your desired ingredients into the infuser, such as tea or fruit. The infuser is attached to a holder; check that it’s inserted correctly so there are no accidental spills or leaks.
    Note: Infused water should be consumed within 24 hours to prevent the water, fruit, or tea from spoiling.

    Lemon in Autofill Pitcher
  5. Next, place the pitcher onto the holder in the Beverage Center. Make sure it’s secure by pushing it straight in, and then close the door.

  6. If it isn't already enabled, make sure the AutoFill feature is turned on.

    1. Tap any button to wake up the display.

    2. Tap < or > until you reach the AutoFill option, and then tap the O button to confirm.

    3. Tap < or > to select On, and then tap the O button to confirm.

  7. Once the AutoFill feature is activated, wait a short while for the pitcher to fill with filtered, chilled water.

  8. To remove the pitcher, open the Beverage Center and pull the pitcher straight out.

  9. When you’ve finished the infused water, you can remove the infuser holder by lifting it up. Then, twist the infuser to unlock it from the holder.

Note: The water pitcher, lid, infuser, and infuser holder are not dishwasher and microwave safe. They may melt if exposed to heat (including hot water). Please hand wash the items in cool or lukewarm water as needed.

Use the water dispenser

The Beverage Center also includes a water dispenser. To fill up a glass with fresh, cool water, just open the Beverage Center by pulling the handle at the bottom of the top-left fridge door, and then press the dispenser lever. It’ll dispense water for about one minute, but if you’d like more water, release the lever and push it again.

Your water may appear cloudy at first, which is normal. It will look clear after a few seconds. However, if you haven’t used the dispenser in a few days, the water may have a stale taste. You can discard the first few glasses if needed.

BESPOKE Refrigerator Beverage Center Water Dispenser
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