Turn the BESPOKE Dual Ice Maker on or off

The Dual Ice Maker on BESPOKE refrigerator

Your new BESPOKE refrigerator comes with a built-in Dual Ice Maker that produces two different types of ice. One ice maker creates large cubed ice while the other produces small ice bites. Each ice maker has its own convenient ice tray, so you can quickly grab cubed ice for your water or ice bites for your juice. You can turn on both ice makers at the same time so you’ll always have the perfect ice for your beverages. Or, you can turn one of the ice makers off if you prefer a certain type of ice.

Note: The ice maker design and accessories may differ depending on the model.

Turn the Dual Ice Maker on or off

You can enjoy tiny ice bites and standard cubed ice with the Dual Ice Maker on your BESPOKE fridge. If you want just one type of ice from one ice maker, you can turn off the other ice maker. Each ice maker will provide 3 pounds of ice per day, or 6 pounds total if both are turned on.

Note: For first time use, turn on both ice makers and let them produce ice for 1 to 2 days, and then discard the ice produced. This will remove impurities in the water supply.

  1. Tap any button on the control panel to wake up the display.

  2. Tap < or > to navigate to the ice maker options. Select the ice maker you want by highlighting either Cubed Ice or Ice Bites, and then tap the O button to confirm.

  3. Tap < or > to highlight On or Off, and then tap the O button to confirm.

  4. Repeat these steps if you'd like to turn the other type of ice on or off.

The control panel showing the Ice Maker option
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