How to adjust the BESPOKE fridge's door height

Doors of BESPOKE refrigerator

Is one of the doors on your 4-Door BESPOKE fridge hanging a little low? Adjusting the leveling legs and the height of the doors will solve this problem, so everything will look nice and even. You won’t need an installer to get the job done – just a flat-head screwdriver and some snap rings.

Adjust the top doors

Important: The lever will not turn past the maximum limit. It may make a noise if it is turned too far. Do not raise the doors excessively high because this may interfere with the upper hinge cover of the fridge door or damage the top cover.

After leveling the fridge, you may notice that the upper left and right doors aren't aligned with each other. Rather than mess with the leveling of the whole fridge, you can just adjust one or both upper doors until they align properly.

  1. Open the right-side door of the freezer. Keep the other freezer door and both fridge doors closed. Locate the height lever on the bottom of the right-side door.

    Note: We recommend keeping items in the door bins during the alignment process. Leaving the bins empty could affect the doors' alignment later on.

  2. Turn the height lever toward UP to raise the right-side door, or turn it toward DOWN to lower the door. To make alignment easier, you can lift the fridge door slightly while adjusting.

    Diagram showing how to adjust height lever up or down
  3. If the doors are still not aligned but you cannot adjust the height lever any further, try using the snap rings.
    Note: You should only use the snap rings if you cannot align the doors with the height lever.

  4. The snap rings come in 4 different sizes: 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, and 2.5 mm. Check the height difference between the doors, and then choose the snap ring that you think will correct the height difference.

    Note: Insert only one snap ring per door. If you insert two or more snap rings, the rings may slip out or make a rubbing noise.

  5. Once you've chosen your desired snap ring, lift up and hold the door with the lower height.

  6. Insert a suitably sized snap ring between the door grommet.

    Diagram showing how to Insert a snap ring between the door grommet
  7. If needed, repeat these steps to adjust the height of the other top-side door.

Adjust the bottom doors

Note: We recommend keeping items in the door bins during the alignment process. Leaving the bins empty could affect the doors' alignment later on.

You can adjust the height of the bottom freezer doors if they appear uneven. Before adjusting the doors, make sure the refrigerator is level. Check out the video in the first section for additional information.

  1. Open the door you’d like to adjust, and then lift it slightly.

  2. Next, locate the height lever at the bottom of the door.

    Location of the height level illustrated
  3. The height lever includes a grommet that can be moved inward or outward to adjust the door height by 1 mm.

  4. Turn the grommet in your desired direction to raise or lower the door. If you need to increase the door’s height, turn the grommet outward. To decrease the door’s height, turn the grommet inward.

  5. If needed, repeat these steps to adjust the other bottom door.

Adjust the panels

Did you know the panels on your BESPOKE 4-Door Flex model can be customized and swapped out for other colors? See our guide to learn about the options available to you.

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