How to level your Samsung refrigerator

Refrigerator in a kitchen

To save energy and prevent potential cooling issues, noises, or leaks, your refrigerator needs to be level. This guide will show you how to level your fridge and make minor leveling adjustments.

Caution: Always raise the leveling legs into the refrigerator and off the floor before moving the refrigerator. This will prevent damage to your floor.

Level the refrigerator

  1. First, gather the necessary tools:

    • A carpenter's level is required to level the refrigerator.

    • A flat-head screwdriver is required to turn the legs.

    • A Phillips screwdriver may be required if a kickplate needs to be removed.

  2. Next, locate the leveling legs, underneath the refrigerator at the front. There are 2 leveling legs for leveling and holding the refrigerator in place. There are also 4 caster wheels used for moving the refrigerator. 

    • For easier access to the leveling legs on Side by Side and Four Door models, open both the doors.

    • If the refrigerator has a front leg cover, it needs to be removed for easier access to the leveling legs. This will vary between models, as some covers do not have to be removed to access the legs. To remove the front leg cover, remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver, and then lift it up from the bottom and pull it out.

      Illustration of the front leg cover being removed

  3. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into one of the notches on the side of either leveling leg. It does not matter which one you adjust first.

  4. Use the screwdriver as a lever to rotate the leveling leg to the left. This will raise that side of the refrigerator. Repeat this on the other side until the refrigerator is as high as it can go.

    Illustration of adjusting the leveling leg with a screwdriver
  5. Using a carpenter's level, make sure the refrigerator is level left to right and front to back. Make sure to check the level of the main unit and not the doors (which can be adjusted separately).

    • If the refrigerator is not level, determine which side is higher, and on that side, rotate the leveling leg to the right and check the level again. Continue to make adjustments until the refrigerator is level.

  6. Also make sure to level the refrigerator front to back, as the refrigerator is designed to be leveled and square. However, if your doors do not stay open and you would like them to, you can raise the legs slightly in front to slant it backwards slightly.

    • On most level surfaces, the legs should be extended enough so the front wheels lift off the floor.

  7. Don't forget to re-install the front leg cover (if you removed one). Your fridge is now leveled and ready to go!

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