Discover the features on Family Hub 8.0

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Family Hub 8.0 is here! We're pleased to present to you the features that can be found on your Family Hub after downloading the 8.0 update. Check out all the things that Family Hub has to offer:

What's new for 8.0

Cooking Communities

Find 'community' recipes from other users and save your favorites. (Available on Android and iOS devices as part of the SmartThings App. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account required.)

Picture in Picture

Samsung TV Plus provides free access to over 190 channels. The picture-in-picture feature allows you to keep watching content while you multitask and navigate from screen to screen.

Google Photos

Share family pictures, videos and drawings with Google Photos. Simply add them to the Gallery app and share to your screen.

Amazon Essentials

Easily find and reorder your favorite items via the Amazon Your Essentials app or widget on the Family Hub screen for fast delivery.

And more!

Of course, with every update there's additional miscellaneous tweaks and fixes to the system to help improve stability and performance. To learn all about your Family Hub and all its features, be sure to check out the web manual.

When the update is available for your model, you can find it in your Family Hub's Settings menu.

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