Build a shopping list with your Samsung smart fridge

Family Hub screen showing a list of items in Shopping List app

Nowadays, everything is digital, including grocery shopping! The Family Hub panel on your smart fridge comes with the Shopping List app, which lets you make grocery lists that you can sync with SmartThings on your phone. Now you can open your shopping list anywhere, like when you're in the store.

Make a virtual shopping list

There is no reason to carry around a little notepad with your grocery list anymore - you can create a digital one using the Family Hub panel or mobile app.

On the panel, tap Apps, and then tap Shopping List. To add to your list, tap My Shopping List. Tap Add Item, and then enter the name of your desired product (i.e. bananas, bread, etc.). When your desired item appears in the search results, tap it to add it to your shopping list. The list will automatically update and sync to the Shopping List in the Family Hub mobile app.

When you've purchased an item, simply tap on it to cross it out and remove it from the list. To permanently delete an item from the list, select your desired shopping list, and tap More. Tap Delete, select your desired items, and then tap Delete again to confirm.

Add Item text box highlighted in Family Hub's Shopping List app

If you ran to the store but can't remember what groceries you need, you can view your Shopping List right from your phone. To do this, open the SmartThings mobile app, tap the Life category, and then tap SmartThings Cooking. (You may need to add this component if you haven't already.) Many food-related features are in here, but for your shopping list, tap the shopping cart in the top right of the screen. From there, you can view, add, or edit your shopping list the same way you would on the panel. Any changes you make will be automatically synced to the panel on the fridge.

Order groceries online

Who has time to run to the grocery store constantly? With the Family Hub panel, you can order groceries online using the Shopping List app!

To purchase items from your list directly from the panel, tap Apps, and then tap Shopping List. Select your desired grocery list, and then tap Buy Online. If you haven't already, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your food preferences. Next, select your desired service to order the items from, such as Amazon Fresh. If available, the app will automatically add the items from your list into a shopping cart. From there, you can purchase the items.

Amazon fresh app screen on the Family Hub

If you'd like, you can use the Family Hub's other grocery apps to order food items online:

  • Fresh Direct

  • InstaCart

  • ShopRite

  • Note: Some of these apps may not come preinstalled. You will need to install them using the Apps screen.

Other useful settings for your Shopping List

Besides just storing your shopping items, there are some other helpful things you can do in the Shopping List app, such as ordering your listed items online right from the Family Hub panel! Here are some other useful settings:

  • Add a new shopping list: If needed, you can create more than one shopping list to help you categorize your grocery needs. To do this from the Family Hub panel, tap Apps, and then tap Shopping List. Tap Add, enter a name for the new grocery list, and then tap Done. To rename your new shopping list, simply select it, tap Rename, and enter a new name.


  • Use the Frequent items list: To help you compile a shopping list even faster, you can use the Frequent Items feature. From the Shopping List app, tap Frequent Items. Products you've recently purchased will appear; select the ones you want to add to your shopping list, and then tap Add. If you want to edit what appears in the Frequent items list, tap Settings in the Shopping List app, and then tap Edit next to Frequent items list. Select or deselect your preferred items.


  • Send items to your Food List: Once you have purchased something from your shopping list, you can send it to the Food List in the View Inside app. That way, you know what you have stored in the fridge, freezer, or pantry. To do this, select your desired shopping list, and then tap More. Select your desired items, and then tap Send to View Inside. Select Fridge, Freezer, or Pantry, and then tap Send. Those items will now appear in your Food List within the View Inside app.


  • Use Smart Recipes and Meal Planner: The Shopping List app is also connected to Smart Recipes and Meal Planner! You can send ingredients from a saved recipe right to a shopping list, so you'll know what to buy when you're getting groceries.


  • Get deals on items: To see coupons and deals for items in your shopping list, tap Find Deals. You can learn more about this app in the next section.

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