Customize your Samsung smart fridge panel

A Family Hub fridge with the different widgets displayed

You can customize the Family Hub's Home screen and really make it yours. Add apps and widgets that best suit your family's needs, and remove the ones that don't. You can also select from a variety of widget sizes and even customize the screen's wallpaper. The more personal you make it, the more you'll get out of it.

Note: Samsung Family Hub refrigerators run on the Samsung Tizen OS, not the Android OS. Available screens and settings may vary by software version and model.

Add an app or widget to the Home screen

The main difference between apps and widgets is that apps are displayed as regular icons while widgets are displayed as interactive windows. Whichever one you prefer, you can easily add them to the Family Hub.

Just tap the Apps icon to see all of the Hub's available apps. Next, touch and hold the app you want to add to the Home screen.

A popup menu will appear; you can either tap Add to home to create an app icon, or tap Add Widget. If you chose Add Widget, select the widget's size. Once the app or widget is added to the Home screen, touch and hold it, and then drag it to your desired location.

Example of adding a widget for To Do app on Family Hub

Note: Samsung pushes new apps and existing app updates automatically, usually every two to three months. You'll be notified of updates whenever they're available and can defer them if desired.

Rearrange apps and widgets

Just like on a phone, you can move around apps and widgets on the Family Hub's Home screen. Customize your apps and widgets, so you'll always know where everything is located.

To move apps or widgets, touch and hold your desired item, and then drag and drop it to its new location. You can place apps or widgets almost anywhere on a Home screen as long as there's an empty space. App icons are all the same size, but you may need to resize a widget if it doesn't fit in a vacant spot.

Apps and widgets displayed on the Family Hub for Smart Recipes and Shopping List

Remove an app, widget, or Home screen

Except for the Apps icon, you can remove any app or widget from the Home screen. You can also remove entire Home screen pages; you only need to keep at least one (just like your smart phone).

To delete an app or widget, touch and hold your desired one. Then, tap Delete.

To delete a Home screen page, touch and hold an empty space, and then tap the Delete icon in the page's top right corner.

Deleting a Widget on the Family Hub

Customize your wallpaper

The Family Hub is already the centerpiece of your kitchen, so why not make it even more eye-catching by adding a custom wallpaper?

Tap Settings, tap Display, and then tap Home Screen Wallpaper. Choose a preloaded wallpaper, or tap Pictures to select an image from your Gallery. Once you've chosen a wallpaper, tap Apply.

Wallpaper with a cherry design on the Family Hub

Personalize the Family Board

The new Family Board feature is like a digital version of all the notes and pictures you'd put up on the fridge with magnets. It's a great way to share fond memories and communicate with your loved ones. You can add photos, write messages, draw pictures, and much more all on one space. When enabled, the Family Board is shown by default, or you can swipe right on the main Home screen to reach it.

To add new elements, tap on any blank space on the board. A menu will appear with the following options:

  • Pictures: Add pictures from your Gallery to the board.

  • Video: Add videos from your Gallery to the board.

  • Memo: Add an existing memo to the board or create a new one.

  • Stickers: Place fun stickers on the board.

  • Drawing: Draw directly on the board using digital art tools.

  • Writing: Create a text box and write a message.

  • Music: Add a widget for your preferred music service.

  • New: Create an entirely new Family Board. You can create multiple boards without having to delete any.

  • Open: If you have more than one board, use this option to switch between them.

  • More options: Turn the date and time on or off. You can also see a short tutorial about the board by tapping Learn more.

  • Additionally, you can add a web link to the Family Board. For example, you can share a funny video by adding a YouTube link. Just tap Apps, and then open Internet. Navigate to your desired web page, and then tap the Add a shortcut to Family Board icon. It's located to the left of the New tab icon.

Change a board's design

If you're bored of the current design on the Family Board, you can easily edit the existing elements. Touch and hold one of the board's elements, such as a picture. A small edit menu will appear. Tap Send to Back to make the element go behind an overlapping element. Tap Delete to remove it from the board. If it's a photo, there will be two additional options. Tap Replace to replace it with a different image from the Gallery. Tap Frame to change the photo's frame style.

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