Manage photos and videos on your Family Hub smart fridge

Samsung Fridge showing Picture gallery

The Family Hub comes preloaded with pictures and videos, but what fun is that when you don't know the people in them? You can use the SmartThings app to upload your own photos and videos to create your own wallpapers. The Family Hub screen is like having a digital photo album on your fridge.

Add photos or videos to the Family Hub

If a picture or video would go perfectly on your Home screen, you can upload it to the Family Hub panel.

  1. Navigate to and open the SmartThings app on your phone. If your fridge isn't marked as a favorite device, then tap Devices, and then tap the location or room if needed to navigate to your fridge.

  2. Tap your fridge, and then tap Upload pictures and videos.

  3. Select either Picture or Video, and if prompted, choose Gallery or Google Photos. Allow the necessary permissions if required.
    Note: You cannot upload photos and videos together at the same time. It will need to be done separately.

    Picture and Video options under Upload pictures and videos
  4. Next, tap your desired picture or video. Tap Upload.

    Note: You can upload up to 10 files at a time.

  5. A notification will appear on your Family Hub. Swipe down from the top of the Hub's screen, and then tap the notification to see your photo or video.

  6. Tap the screen to use options like Rotate, Play Slideshow, Add to Home, Details, and Delete.

    List of options next to image
  7. To view your uploaded photos or videos on the Family Hub panel later on, navigate to Apps, tap Gallery, and then tap Pictures in the upper left. All media items uploaded through the SmartThings app will appear in this folder.

  8. You can also use your uploaded photos and videos to decorate your Home screen. Just tap an empty space on a Home screen, and then tap either Picture or Video.

Delete photos and videos from the Family Hub

Maybe you went a little overboard and sent too many photos and videos to your Family Hub. No worries, you can delete them from the Hub at any time.

  1. On the Family Hub panel, navigate to and tap Apps, and then tap Gallery.

  2. Select your desired media item(s), and tap Delete. To select multiple items, touch and hold a photo or video, and then tap additional items.

  3. Tap Delete again to confirm. The items will be permanently removed from the Family Hub.

2 images will be deleted with Delete option displayed

Make your photo a wallpaper

Once you've got your favorite picture uploaded to the Family Hub, you can set it as a wallpaper on your Home screen. It's as easy as changing the background on your phone.

Note: You cannot use videos as wallpapers.

Photo selected as wallpaper
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