When to put food in your new Samsung refrigerator

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We know you're so excited to bring home your new Samsung refrigerator that you just can't wait to use it. But slow down for just a sec; after you plug in your refrigerator, you should wait two hours to make sure your fridge is cooling before you begin storing food in it. And it's okay if you want to store warm food in the refrigerator too. You just have to remember that condensation will form when hot and cold air mix. So don't be alarmed if you see some condensation after putting away the leftovers.

Other food storage tips

Here's a few more tips to share as you begin your fridge journey to help it perform at its best, and save you energy.

  • Start by filling your fridge about 2/3rds full, even if that's just filling it up with water bottles until you can get proper food in there. It's easier to keep food and beverages cold than it is to keep the air cold, especially since you let all the cold air out every time you open the door.

  • But don't stock the fridge to the brim! Some airflow is needed in and around the items in the fridge, especially the vents at the back of the compartment. That's where the warm air gets sucked out, so if you block that off, you'll have issues.

  • Similarly, in fridges with a pull-out freezer drawer, don't stock items to the very ceiling of the freezer as that also causes lack of airflow issues, which can lead to frost.

  • It may be tempting when you need just a little bit more room for your frozen goods, but don't store food in the ice bucket! This can damage your ice maker.

For more storage guidance, see our tips for an organized Samsung refrigerator!

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