Guaranteed buy-back

What is “guaranteed buy-back”?

With the guaranteed buy-back program, you can purchase a new phone with the option to return it in good condition within 20 months for 50% of the full retail value at purchase. Please see the program terms and conditions for complete details.

What devices are eligible for guaranteed buy-back?

Currently, all Galaxy S20 models are eligible for this offer. Other products may also be added in the future.

How do I participate in guaranteed buy-back?

Purchase your new S20 on or using the Shop Samsung app. You must login to your Samsung Account and opt into the program by selecting guaranteed buy-back when purchasing your S20 device. Galaxy devices purchased on other retail and carrier sites are not eligible for the guaranteed buy-back program.

Can I combine other promotions with guaranteed buy-back?

Everyday trade-in offers can be combined with the guaranteed buy-back program but if you opt to receive 50% of your purchase price back when you return your phone in good condition, you will not be eligible for higher-value trade-in offers.

· Accessories and other add-ons can still be purchased in the same order.
· Carrier financing and Samsung Upgrade are not compatible with this offer.
· For additional information, please see the terms and conditions.
· Always check for current guaranteed buy-back eligible promotions.

How do I return my phone to receive the guaranteed value?

You may request Buy-back Credit for your Program Device up to 20 months after the date of purchase.

Please visit your My Orders page and click on the Start 50% Buy-Back button next to your original order. From there, follow the on-screen prompts to answer questions about the condition of your device and receive a pre-paid shipping label for your return shipment. 

What conditions does my device need to meet to be eligible for a buy-back credit?

To receive Buy-back Credit, your device must be in “Good Condition” according to the program terms and conditions meaning all of the following are met: 

 (i)  Your Program Device must power on, hold a charge and not power off unexpectedly;
 (ii)  Your Program Device USB-C connector, side buttons, haptic feedback (vibration), camera flash LEDs, speakers, microphones, proximity and fingerprint sensors work reliably;
 (iii)  Your Program Device cameras must capture clear photos;
 (iv)  Your Program Device must have a functioning display without delamination and free from problems, such as dark spots, screen burn, flickering, dead pixels, pixilation, ghosting or other visual issues;
 (v)  Your Program Device must have no breaks or cracks, or other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear, including but not limited to: multiple scratches, dents, or dings; evidence of water damage based on the condition of the Liquid Damage Indicator; or corroded charging port, SIM, or battery terminal contacts;
 (vi)  Your Program Device must not be blacklisted or otherwise reported as stolen or compromised;
 (vii)  Your Program Device must recognize and connect to networks, installed SIM and SD storage cards, GPS and other network services through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
 (viii)  Reactivation Lock, Google Factory Reset Protection, or any other anti-theft locking software has been disabled; and
 (ix)  All personal information has been removed and a factory reset performed before shipping your Program Device to Samsung.

What is a factory reset, and how do I do it?

A factory reset removes all data, software locks, and applications from a phone. Be sure to back up your phone, including any encrypted SD storage cards, before performing a factory reset.

How do I check the Liquid Damage Indicator?

Your phone has a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) that changes color when the device is exposed to water or other liquids. Visit our troubleshooting guide to learn how to open your SIM card tray and check the status of the LDI.

What if my phone is in poor condition?

If you send a device that is not in good condition, then you will not receive Buy-back Credit and we will return your device to you at no cost to you, subject to certain conditions.