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Blu-ray Home Screen on connected TV

There is nothing better than movie night in the comfort of your own home, and when it comes to picture and sound quality, it doesn't get better than Blu-ray. If you have a new Blu-ray player, let us help you get it set up so you can start enjoying some movies.

Initial setup

  1. First, plug in your new Blu-ray player, and connect it to the TV using an HDMI cable. Next, turn on the player, and select your preferred language. Then, select Start.

  2. Select the aspect ratio supported by your TV.                                 

  3. Next, the network options will appear; wireless will be set by default. Select your network name (SSID). If needed, enter the network's password.

    Note: If your network name does not appear, make sure it is being broad cast, if no networks are appearing, your Blu-ray player may require service. Visit our Support Center.

  4. Your Blu-ray player will connect to the network and run a network test. When complete, you are ready to go.

    • If the network test fails, confirm that you have selected the correct network and entered the password correctly. If the network test takes longer than 1 minute to complete, this usually indicates the network key was entered incorrectly.

    • If the network test continues to fail, turn off the player, and then unplug both the router and modem. Plug the modem back in, wait for it to connect to the network, and then plug the router in. The online indicator will turn on once it's connected to the modem.

    • Finally, turn the Blu-ray player back on and wait about 30 seconds. Go to Settings, and then select Network. Select Network Test and run another test. You can also go to Settings, select Network Settings, select Disconnect, and then select IP settings to try connecting to the network again.

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