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Smart Switch Mobile App for Android

Smart Switch Mobile

You've got practically your whole life on your old phone, including pictures, videos, songs... the list goes on and on. Even if it's time to upgrade your phone, you don't have to kiss your old life goodbye. Just use the Smart Switch app to seamlessly transfer all those files to your new phone.  

Some older Samsung devices do not meet the Smart Switch Mobile requirements; in these cases, please use Samsung Smart Switch for PC/Mac.

Install the Smart Switch Mobile App for Android

Find Smart Switch Mobile on Google Play store, and install the app on your new Galaxy device. If you're transferring content from another Android device, you must also install the app on the old device.

Follow these steps to install the Smart Switch Mobile app:

Get ready to transfer all your old content in a flash with Smart Switch Mobile. To install the Smart Switch Mobile app, navigate to  Google Play store, and then search for and select Smart Switch Mobile. Touch INSTALL.

Note: If you already have an older version of Smart Switch installed, touch UPDATE, and then touch ACCEPT to continue with the installation.

Once installation is complete, touch OPEN. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions, and then touch NEXT. The main screen will appear, allowing you to choose between iOS or Android devices.

Smart Switch Transfer

Pair your Devices

The devices can be paired either using an audio or manual connection.

Auto Pairing

You can pair your devices automatically to start transferring all those files. 

First, make sure Smart Switch Mobile is installed on both devices. Place both devices in close proximity to each other (about 4 inches apart). Next, open Smart Switch Mobile on both devices. Select Android Device on both devices, and then touch START to display content you can transfer. Select Sending device on the old device and Receiving device on the new device, and then touch CONNECT on the old device. You will see a message that says the devices are connected. Success! If they do not connect, use the on-screen PIN and follow along below to pair manually.

Smart Switch Auto Pairing

Manual Pairing

If you are having difficulty pairing the devices via audio connection, you can pair them manually with the following additional steps:

Having trouble with auto pairing? No worries, you can pair your devices manually.
After attempting to connect automatically, you should see a message providing a PIN. On the new device, touch Connect the devices manually. Next, enter the PIN shown on the other device, and then touch CONNECT.

Smart Switch Manual Pairing


Transferring Content

  • You’re all set to transfer your old content and make that new phone feel like home. On the sending device, select the content categories you want to transfer, and then touch SEND. As the content transfers, a Receive Content screen will appear on the receiving device. Touch RECEIVE to begin the transfer. This process may take a few minutes, depending on how many files you are transferring. You’ll see an estimated time of completion under the progress percentage. After the transfer is complete, touch FINISH on the receiving device.

    Got apps you want to transfer? That’s no biggie! Touch APPS FROM OTHER DEVICE, and then touch INSTALL next to the app you want to install. Touch INSTALL again.

  • Smart Switch Transfer Content

    Transfer Android content to Your Galaxy Device Using a MicroSD Card

    We’re not done yet: you can also transfer content using a microSD card.
    Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge users: These phones do not support a microSD card. When transferring content from a device with a microSD card, the app automatically detects SD card content in the old device. The SD card content appears in the transfer list with all of the content under the heading "Content in SDCard." The SD card content is transferred to the Galaxy S6 or S6 edge in the same way as other content.
    Ready? Let’s get started. From the Smart Switch Mobile app screen on the old device, touch MORE. Touch Transfer via SD card > BACK UP. Select the content you want to back up to your microSD card, and then touch BACK UP. You will be asked if you want to assign a password to access your files. If you want to set a password, touch SETTINGS; if not, touch CANCEL.
    Enter a four-digit password and touch OK. Enter your password again and touch OK to confirm it. Touch BACK UP to transfer the selected content to your microSD card. When backup is complete, remove the microSD card from your old device, and swap it with the microSD card in your new device.

    Smart Switch MicroSD Card
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