Use the drying rack in your Samsung dryer

Person inserting a dryer rack into the Samsung dryer

Certain delicate items like stuffed toys, sweaters, and pillows need a little extra care after they’ve been washed, and you may not want to send them for a tumble in the dryer. But if your dryer came with a drying rack, you can use it to dry these items without damaging them. Just slide the drying rack inside your dryer and then place your items on it.

Install the drying rack

Note: Do not use the drying rack to dry rubber, foam rubber, or plastic items. You could damage the items and create a fire hazard.

If your model came with a drying rack, make sure to remove it from the drum before using the dryer for the first time. To remove the rack, pull the rack straight up, and then take it out of the drum. Unwrap it from the packaging and store the rack for later use. If a drying rack was not provided with your model, you can purchase one. Just make sure it's compatible with your dryer before buying it.

When you want to run a cycle with the dryer rack, there are a few steps to getting it set up.

  1. Begin by inserting the rack inside the drum, with the filter handle facing front. 

    Person installing the Samsung dryer rack into a dryer
  2. Insert the rear part of the rack into the recessed areas of the dryer’s back wall. Then, press down on the middle of the rack to secure it. When properly installed, the rack remains motionless in the dryer as the drum spins around it.

  3. Place your items on the rack, but make sure not to overcrowd the rack.

  4. Next, if your model has a Rack Dry function, press the button. If you have a compatible dryer with a Download cycle, you can download and select the Rack Dry cycle using the SmartThings app. Otherwise, select your preferred Manual Dry cycle, such as Time Dry or Air Fluff
    Note: The drying rack is not compatible with Sensor Dry cycles.

  5. Once the cycle has finished, remove your items from the rack, and then remove the rack from the dryer.

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