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What is Emergency mode and how do I use it?

Emergency mode enables you to extend your device’s standby time when you are in an emergency situation and you want your device to conserve power to extend its standby time for as long as possible. When this mode is activated the screen’s brightness will decrease and some of the device's functionality will be limited in order to conserve your battery's charge.

Activating Emergency Mode

• The home screen will be changed to a black theme to reduce battery consumption.
• You will be able to use the Phone app to make a call to a specified contact and also to make emergency calls.
• You can also turn on the flash and sound alarms and send your location information to others in a message.

  1. Hold down the Power key until the Power menu appears.

  2. Touch Emergency mode.

  3. Touch the checkbox to state you have read and agree with the terms and conditions and then touch Agree.

  4. Touch Turn On.

Navigating the Emergency Mode Home Screen

  • Flashlight: Touch Flashlight to activate your device's flash and use it as a torch.

  • Emergency Alarm: Touch Emergency Alarm to activate an alarm on your device.

  • Share my location: Touch Share my location to send information about your current location to a contact.

  • Phone: Touch Phone to call one of your contacts or access the dial pad.

  • Internet: Touch Internet to open the internet browser.

  • + -: Touch + to add apps to the Emergency mode Home screen. Only apps that can be used in Emergency mode are available for selection.

  • Emergency call: Touch Emergency call to call the emergency services.