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Samsung Rewards frequently asked questions

Samsung Rewards Offers

Samsung Rewards is a loyalty program where users earn Samsung Rewards points by buying Samsung products and using Samsung services. Points can be redeemed toward purchases at Samsung.com/Shop, in the Shop Samsung app, the Galaxy Store, or in the Samsung Rewards catalog for products, the chance to win prizes, and more.


Am I eligible for Samsung Rewards?

    The Program is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. It is void where prohibited by law.

My account

How do I register for Samsung Rewards?

    To enroll in the Program, you must create a Samsung Account and can enroll while you are creating a Samsung Account through Samsung.com. There are multiple ways to enroll if you already have a Samsung Account: (1) You can also enroll when you activate Samsung Pay by accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Samsung Rewards Program, or by tapping the Samsung Rewards icon within the Samsung Pay app; (2) You can also enroll by visiting SamsungRewards.com and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions; (3) You can enroll while using the Shop Samsung App; and (4) Galaxy Wearable users can open Samsung Pay in the Galaxy Wearable app, and then touch the Samsung Rewards icon on the Home screen to enroll.

Can I opt-out of notifications from Samsung Rewards?

    By accepting the Samsung Rewards Program Terms and Conditions and signing up for the Program, you agree to receive email and push notification messages from Samsung regarding the status of your Samsung Rewards Account and Points total. If you turn off notifications or opt-out of email communications you will no longer receive communications about your Account status and Point totals.

Can more than one person share a Rewards Account?

    There is a limit of one (1) Samsung Rewards Account per person or email address, regardless of whether more than one person uses the same email address.

Are my Samsung Rewards points synced between all Samsung devices and services? 

    Yes, Samsung Rewards is synced with your Samsung Account. As long as the same Samsung Account is used on Samsung.com and your Samsung devices, your Samsung Rewards points will sync. 

How do I manage the personal information collected by Samsung Rewards?

    Samsung Rewards cares about your personal information and wants to make it easy for you to manage the information you share with us. Please visit our Privacy Page in order to request access to your information.

    If you are a California resident, please visit our California Consumer Privacy Act Portal. Once you validate your residency, please use "Request using Other Information" and find Samsung Rewards under Relevant Service and use your Samsung Rewards email address to access.

My points and status

How do I earn Points in Samsung Rewards?

    There are many ways to earn Points. The following are always available:

    1. Purchase eligible products via Samsung.com/Shop and the Shop Samsung app.

    2. Make any Qualified Transaction using Samsung Pay.

    3. Purchase Gift Cards through the Samsung Pay Store (must have version 3.7.11 of the Pay App to earn Points).

    4. Make any Qualified Transaction in the Galaxy Store App.

    Samsung may also offer opportunities to earn Points through other Samsung apps, such as Galaxy Store, Samsung Health and Samsung Internet, as well as promotions with its partners. See SamsungRewards.com to check new earning opportunities.

How do I earn Points through Samsung.com and the Shop Samsung app?

    Log into your Samsung Account while you are making a purchase on Samsung.com or the Shop Samsung app. The number of Rewards Points that you may earn will be displayed next to the product price. NOTE, the actual number of Reward Points you will earn will be calculated after all discounts, coupons, promo codes and gift certificates have been redeemed and will not include shipping or taxes or other fees, if any. Once you complete your eligible purchase, you can see Points pending in your Samsung Rewards account immediately. The Rewards Points will be added to your Rewards Account when the applicable return period has lapsed.

If I earn Points through a qualified purchase, can I go up a Tier Status in Samsung Pay?

    No, earning Points through qualified purchases made on Samsung.com or Shop Samsung app will not affect your Samsung Pay Tier Status.

Can I buy Points?

    Participants who have the Samsung Pay app may buy Points in pre-determined values using a Qualifying Card. The link to buy Points is located on the Samsung Rewards REDEEM points page within the Samsung Pay app. Prices are displayed in the Samsung Pay app and may change without notice. All transactions to buy Points are final and Points may not be returned under any circumstance.

If I buy Points, can I go up a Tier Status in Samsung Pay?

    No, buying Points will not affect your Samsung Pay Tier Status.

How do I know how many Points I have?

    Your Point total is available when you are logged into your Samsung Account on Samsung.com, SamsungRewards.com, the Shop Samsung app, Galaxy Store, Game Launcher and in the Samsung Pay app.

How can I use Samsung Rewards on my Galaxy Wearable?

    Users may now use Samsung Rewards via the Galaxy Wearable companion app. Simply accept the Samsung Rewards Terms & Conditions via the companion app to enroll. If you have already accepted the Terms & Conditions and enrolled via your phone, there is no need to sign up again. 

Can I transfer Points to a different Samsung Account?

    Points are not redeemable for cash, transferable or assignable for any reason.

Are my Samsung Elite points the same as Samsung Rewards points?

    No. Samsung Elite points are separate from Samsung Rewards points.

Samsung Rewards and Samsung Pay

Are all devices eligible to earn Samsung Rewards points through Samsung Pay?

    Current list of eligible devices are listed on Samsung.com/pay. You can also access Samsung Rewards at Samsung.com, SamsungRewards.com or the Shop Samsung app if you do not have a Samsung Pay eligible device.

Do I need to have a specific version of the Samsung Pay app installed?

    Yes, you must have Samsung Pay version 2.5 or above. Note that some Point Earning requires a higher version. Download the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store to get the most out of Samsung Rewards. 

Are all debit and credit cards eligible to make purchases and count for Samsung Rewards points through Samsung Pay?

    While most cards are eligible, check Samsung Pay Support page for a full compatibility list. Private label (PLCC) cards and the Samsung Rewards Visa® Prepaid card are not eligible. Bank of America debit cards registered with the App prior to March 31, 2016 need to be deleted and re-added to be eligible.

How many Points can I earn per Qualified Transaction with Samsung Pay?

    The number of Points you will earn for each Qualified Transaction will depend on your current Tier status. Move up or down in tiers based on how many qualified transactions you make (or made the previous calendar month).

      Silver: 0-9 qualified transactions made within current or previous calendar month*. You will earn 1 point for each Qualified Transaction.

      Gold: 10-19 qualified transactions made within current or previous calendar month*. You will earn 2 points for each Qualified Transaction.

      Platinum: 20-50 qualified transactions made within current or previous calendar month*. You will earn 3 points for each Qualified Transaction.

      *Number of Qualified Transactions made during the Calendar Month, based on Pacific time (PST).

    Note: You will earn Points for up to 50 Qualified Transactions each month. If multiple transactions are made within five (5) minutes, you will only earn Points for one (1) Qualified Transaction in these circumstances.

How can I learn what my Samsung Pay Tier Status is?

    Your status is available on your Samsung Rewards Home screen in Samsung Pay or on SamsungRewards.com. To learn how to achieve and retain a status, and how many Points each status earns per transaction, please review the Terms and Conditions of Samsung Rewards.

Why did my Samsung Pay Tier Status reset?

    Your status earned will remain in effect through the end of the following full calendar month (through the last day of the month at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time). You must re-qualify your status for future calendar months by completing the number of Qualified Transactions each calendar month as defined by the table above.

Can I earn points via Samsung Pay from both by phone and my Galaxy Wearable?

    Yes, as long as the phone and Galaxy Wearable are synced to the same Samsung Account and eligible for Samsung Pay, Points will accumulate for each purchase made.

I'm using Samsung Pay on my Galaxy Wearable. Why can't I see my point balance?

    Your Galaxy Wearable must be paired with your phone in order to view the Samsung Rewards catalog, check your Point balance, and/or redeem rewards. 


What can I do with Samsung Rewards Points?

    Samsung Rewards Points can be used toward the purchase of products on Samsung.com/Shop and through the Shop Samsung app. Points may also be redeemed toward purchases in the Galaxy Store and in the Samsung Rewards catalog for products, Chance to Win game plays and more.

How do I use my points to purchase products on Samsung.com/Shop and through the Shop Samsung app?

    Log into your Samsung Account while you are making a purchase on Samsung.com or the Shop Samsung app. At checkout, you will have the opportunity to use your points to pay for all or part of qualified products on Samsung.com/Shop and the Shop Samsung app. See full Reward Terms for additional details. 

How do I use my points to purchase products through the Galaxy Store or Galaxy Themes app?

    In order to use points for purchase, you must confirm within each app that you can add "Points and coupons" as Discount within the billing options page. You can use Points for purchase or partial purchase (only when your Point balance is insufficient) as a method of payment for select items (as designated within each app).

How do I use my points to redeem items in the Rewards catalog?

    To redeem items from the Rewards Catalog, follow the Redeem link from SamsungRewards.com or the home screen of Samsung Rewards within Samsung Pay to browse through the Rewards Catalog. You can redeem for an item by selecting the thumbnail image of the item and clicking on the Redeem button. You will receive a confirmation screen and email, and Points will be deducted from your Account. All item redemptions from the Rewards Catalog are final and the Points will be deducted immediately from Participant's Rewards Account.

How many rewards can I redeem from the catalog?

    The only limit to the number of rewards that you can redeem is your available Point balance.

When will I receive my reward from the catalog?

    Rewards will be fulfilled within 24 hours either within your Samsung Pay digital wallet or to the email address associated with your Samsung account. 

Why can’t I redeem a reward from the catalog?

    It may be that the total number of Points in your Account is not sufficient to purchase an item. For additional details about redemption, please visit the Terms and Conditions.

How do I play instant win games?

    Periodically, Samsung will offer the chance to redeem your Points to play an instant win game for a prize. To play, select the thumbnail image of the prize that you would like, and follow the links and instructions to play the game and find out if you are a winner.

I won the instant win game, but never received an email with my Reward. What should I do?

    To make sure you get emails, add CustomerCare@m.helloworldmail.com to your address book. Fill out the form to let us know you didn’t receive your win email.

Can I send a reward to a friend?

    All rewards are either awarded in the device used to redeem a reward, or the corresponding email address in your Samsung account. Rewards are non-transferable.

Level Up with Samsung Rewards

What are the requirements for participating in Level Up with Samsung Rewards?

How can I earn Samsung Rewards points through Level Up?

    With Level Up, you earn Samsung Rewards points for every game and in-app purchase at the Galaxy Store and additional Rewards Points based on running promotions.

How can I use Samsung Rewards Points I earned through Level Up?

    Level up Samsung Rewards Points can be redeemed toward all in-app or general purchases at Galaxy Store. Visit Rewards for Galaxy Store Gamers for more information.

    You can also use your Rewards Points the same way you’d redeem any Samsung Rewards Points – in the Samsung Rewards catalog and towards purchase of products on Samsung.com/Shop and through the Shop Samsung app.

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