Use Facial recognition security on your Galaxy phone

Woman registering her face in Facial Recognition Security on Note20

Never worry about your phone getting into the wrong hands again. Use the Facial recognition feature to unlock your phone with your face and verify your identity in certain apps, like Samsung Pay. It's an easy and secure way to keep everything safe on your phone.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

Set up Facial recognition

Are you ready for your face to become the key to your phone?

From Settings, tap Biometrics and security, and then tap Face recognition. Tap Continue, and then set up a screen lock if you don't have one already. Choose whether you are wearing glasses, and then tap Continue. Hold the phone 8-20 inches away and position your face inside the circle. Hold the position until the progress bar reaches 100 percent. If needed, remove your glasses to finish the process. When you're done, adjust your desired settings, and then tap OK.

Face recognition highlighted on a Galaxy phone

You can now unlock your phone by just looking at it! However, if you’ve set up a lock screen with Face recognition, your screen may request a PIN, Pattern, or Password under the following conditions: 

  • At least once every 24 hours.

  • If 4 hours have passed without using the device.

  • If the device has been restarted.

  • Note: These additional checks are to help keep your phone secure.

Facial recognition options

Once your face is registered to your device, you can use additional security options and settings. To access these options, navigate to Settings, and then tap Biometric and security. Tap Face recognition, and then enter your security credentials. The following  will be available:

  • Remove face data: Delete the current face recognition data that is stored.

  • Add alternative look: Enhance face recognition by adding an alternative appearance.

  • Face unlock: Unlocks your device when your face is recognized.

  • Stay on Lock screen: Remain on the Lock screen until you swipe even if you already used Face recognition.

A list of Face recognition settings on a Galaxy phone
  • Faster recognition: This will improve the recognition speed but also reduces security, increasing the possibility of a video or image being incorrectly recognized as your face.

  • Require open eyes: For added security, the device will only recognize your face when your eyes are open.

  • Brighten screen: Increase screen brightness temporarily so your face can be recognized in the dark.

  • Samsung Pass: Use face recognition to verify your identity with the Internet app and other supported apps.

Tips for Facial recognition

Show your face and your phone opens: it doesn't get much easier than that. If you are having some difficulty, here are some facial recognition tips.

  • Glasses, hats, masks, makeup, bangs, and beards can affect the recognition process.

  • Make sure you are in a well-lit area and the camera lens is clean.

  • For best results, make sure your image is not blurry.

  • Face recognition is less secure than Pattern, PIN, Iris, or Fingerprint.

  • Your phone can be unlocked by someone that looks similar to you (such as a twin).

  • If you are having trouble unlocking your phone, you can use Find My Mobile and other methods to remotely unlock your phone.

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