Change the Security Features on Your Phone

Change the Security Features on Your Phone

We take privacy very seriously around here. When it comes to protecting the information on your phone, you’re in good hands. Your phone offers numerous security features to keep your data secure from others.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Setup and use Samsung Pass

Important: Samsung Pass works with Samsung Internet and certain apps.

Samsung Pass remembers your biometric information, so you don’t have to remember so many passwords and usernames when you need to log into an app or website. 

From Settings, swipe to and touch Biometrics and security, and then scroll to and touch Samsung Pass. Touch Continue, touch Sign-in and sign in with your Samsung account credentials. Touch Fingerprints or Irises, and then touch Continue. Set a desired secure screen lock. Follow the on-screen prompts, and then touch Done.

Samsung Pass under Biometrics and security

After you have turned on Samsung Pass, open Samsung Internet and navigate to your desired website. After signing into your account, Samsung Pass will ask if you want to save the account information. Touch Remember. The next time you sign into the website, all you have to do is scan your biometrics instead of filling in the account information.

Setup and use Secure Folder

If you want maximum security for your personal information, lock your private content and apps in Secure Folder. Only you have the key!

From Settings, swipe to and touch Biometrics and Security. Next, swipe to and touch Secure Folder. Or, you can swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings panel. Then, swipe to the left and touch the Secure Folder icon.

Secure Folder Home Page

After you open Secure Folder, touch Continue, and then sign in with your Samsung credentials. Set up a lock, and then touch Next. After you set up a lock, your Secure Folder will be created.

Once you've set up Secure Folder, an app icon will appear so you can access it whenever you want. From the Home screen, swipe up or down to access the Apps screen. Touch Secure Folder, enter your credentials, and then touch OK. You can touch Add apps or Add files to customize the folder. 

Touch More options to lock the folder, customize the Secure Folder's icon, or access Settings. 

Note: You need to sign into your Samsung account in order to use Secure Folder, and you also must set a secure lock for your phone.

Use Secure Startup

Your phone must have a screen lock set up to turn on this function.

If your phone falls into the wrong hands, you can relax with Secure Startup. This feature creates an additional lock screen that required every time you turn on your phone.

From Settings, search for and select Secure startup. To set the secure startup, choose the available secure method. For this example, choose Require PIN when device turns on, and then touch Apply. Enter your current PIN, and then touch Next to complete the setup. (This option may vary depending if you have a Pattern, Password, etc.) 

Secure Startup

Note: Your phone must have a screen lock set up to turn on this feature. Available options vary depending on the type of lock screen or phone you have. If the lock automatically feature is not set to Immediately or if the Lock Instantly with Power key setting is not turned on, the phone will stay unlocked after a reboot.

Encrypt and decrypt a SD Card

If you’ve really got something to hide, why not go into spy mode and encrypt your phone’s SD card? Trust us, your data will be safe. Read on to learn more.

From Settings, touch Biometrics and security, and then touch Encrypt SD card. If you have a screen lock set up, you may need to enter your credentials. Review the information on encrypting your microSD card and then touch Encrypt SD card.

To decrypt, touch Decrypt SD card.

Note: This setting may not appear unless you have a SD card inserted in your phone.

Encrypt SD card

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