Adjust the Home button settings on your phone

Hand touching Home button

Instead of a physical button, newer phones have an on-screen Home button that’s always available. Treat this Home button just like any other physical one: simply press it! If you are having trouble unlocking your phone or if the Home button is too sensitive, don't worry. We’ll show you how to adjust it, and just how adaptable your phone's Home button can be.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

Manage the Home, Back, and Recent buttons

The Navigation bar isn't set in stone - you can actually change the order of the buttons, like the Back and Recent buttons!

To do this, navigate to Settings, tap Display, and then tap Navigation bar. Make sure Buttons is selected at the top of the screen, and then you can choose your desired button setup at the bottom of the screen. You can keep the Navigation bar the traditional way (Recents, Home, Back), or swap the order (Back, Home, Recents). The Home button will always stay in the middle; it cannot be adjusted.

Additionally, you can also change the Navigation bar to use Swipe gestures instead of regular buttons. Check out our full guide on the Navigation bar to learn more.

Settings for Navigation bar on a Galaxy phone

Turn on Assistant menu

The Assistant menu is designed for individuals with motor control or other difficulties. If you have trouble using the regular Home button and Navigation bar, you can turn on the Assistant menu so it's easier to navigate your phone's interface.

  1. From Settings, tap Accessibility.

  2. Tap Interaction and dexterity, and then tap Assistant menu. Tap the switch to turn it on, and then tap Allow.

    Assistant menu switched on with a Galaxy phone
  3. A floating icon will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Touch and hold the icon to move it around the screen.

  4. Tap the floating icon to access the Assistant menu; you can open the Home or Recent apps screens, go back to the previous screen, adjust the volume, power off your phone, and much more.

  5. Finally, tap the screen anywhere outside of the menu to close it.

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