Clean your Galaxy Book's screen and keyboard

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If you’re spending a lot of time with your Galaxy Book, remember to wipe down the screen and keyboard often. Your device should be cleaned carefully and thoroughly using a delicate cloth to remove fingerprints and dust. Maintaining your Galaxy Book will extend its lifespan so you can continue to use it for all your favorite projects.

Note: Not all Galaxy Book models have a detachable keyboard.

Cleaning guidelines

Please follow these cleaning recommendations when it's time to clean your Galaxy Book's screen or keyboard:

Dry surface cleaning

  • Your Galaxy Book’s screen and keyboard can be cleaned using a soft, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. To avoid scratching the screen, a double-sided microfiber cloth is recommended. Do not use paper towels, facial tissues, or any kind of rough or coarse cloths. 

  • When using a dry method of cleaning, you don’t have to unplug anything or detach the components on your Galaxy Book.

  • Deep cleaning with a cloth or compressed air

  • Before cleaning, shut down the device and disconnect all cables and power sources. If your Galaxy Book has a detachable keyboard, remove it before cleaning.

  • When cleaning the screen, you can apply a small amount of water to a microfiber cloth. Gently wipe the screen and dry it thoroughly with the microfiber cloth.

  • You may wipe down the keyboard with a damp microfiber cloth, or use a compressed air canister for cleaning between the keys.

  • Do not directly apply liquid cleaners to the Galaxy Book and do not use household cleaners.

  • Note: Make sure the screen is completely dry before using it.

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