Use the touchpad on your Galaxy Book

Person using touchpad on Galaxy Book S

Your Galaxy Book’s touchpad can be used in a variety of ways for easy clicking, swiping, and scrolling. The touchpad includes standard clicking and tapping options, but additional settings are also available if you’d like to change your navigation methods.

Use the touchpad functions

To perform basic navigation functions, use the touchpad the same way you would use a normal computer mouse. Although you can tap anywhere on the touchpad, clicking is much easier towards the bottom.

Here are the different commands you can use on the touchpad:

  • Move: To move the cursor, swipe a finger on the touchpad.

  • Left-Click: To open an option's settings, press the bottom left portion of the touch pad.

  • Right-Click: To select an app, press the bottom right portion of the touchpad. 

  • Double-Click: To open an app, tap the touch pad twice.

  • Drag: To move items, select and drag it to the target position while pressing and holding the left side of the touchpad.

Note: You can also perform gestures directly on the touchscreen.

Adjust the touchpad settings

The touchpad can be altered to suit your preferences. You can also choose different tapping sensitivities, scrolling directions, and gesture.

Select the Start icon, and then select Settings. Select Devices, and then select Touchpad on the left side. You can turn the touchpad on or off, or enable it when a mouse is connected. Use the slider to adjust the cursor speed if you prefer to navigate quickly. You can choose new settings for tapping and clicking.

Devices window with Touchpad selected and a list of its options and settings
  • Touchpad sensitivity: If the touchpad isn’t responsive enough, you can change the sensitivity to Most sensitive or High sensitivity.

  • Tap settings: Adjust the different tapping settings by turning them on or off.

  • Scroll and zoom: Customize the scrolling and zoom options to suit your preferences.

  • Three-finger and four-finger gestures: You can swipe on the touchpad using either three or four fingers. Both types of gestures perform different actions. You can assign swiping and tapping directions for each one and change what happens when you swipe on the touchpad.

  • Reset your touchpad: If you don’t like the settings you selected, simply reset the touchpad to start over.

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