Use Air Command on your Galaxy Book with S Pen

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The Air Command menu lets you use an S Pen with a Galaxy Book! You can create a note for yourself, view all of your notes, select and save information you come across on the internet, and write directly on your screen, just like on a Note series phone.

Important: You can download and use Air Command on models without the S pen, although the app will not be fully compatible.

Launch Air Command

Air command gives you access to signature S Pen features. Once opened, you'll see a menu featuring several options, including Smart select, Screen write, and Samsung Notes. Install the Air command app to begin using these options on your PC if the app is not pre-installed.

Once Air Command is installed, you can open it by holding the S Pen near your Galaxy Book so the pointer displays on the screen. Then, press the S Pen button while hovering.

Alternatively, you can activate Air Command using the Start menu. This is ideal for models that do not come with an S Pen. Click the Start icon, and then select Air Command. You are now ready to use the S Pen functions on your Galaxy Book.

S Pen interacting with Galaxy Book S
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