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Use Art Mode on The Frame TV

When you're not watching TV, The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art. The Frame comes preloaded with 100 different types of works of art from various world renowned artists. If you're a budding artist yourself, you can also upload your own photos and display them on The Frame. You can purchase additional artwork from the Art Store or a subscription for unlimited access to the vast collection.

Toggle Art Mode On or Off

To switch between TV mode and Art mode, press Power on the OneRemote.

In Art mode, the brightness and color tone of the display are automatically adjusted to the ambient lighting of the room. You can also manually adjust the brightness and color tone via the Samsung Smart View app. The motion sensor detects any movement and will automatically turn The Frame on or off.

Samsung Collection

Need some inspiration? The Frame includes a gallery with 100 works of art from 10 different genres. Learn how to select a piece of art to display on The Frame.

While your Frame is in Art mode, press Select on your OneRemote. Use the directional pad on the OneRemote to move to Samsung Collection, and then select the category you want to browse. Press Left or Right to browse through the artwork. When you've found a piece you like, press Select on your OneRemote. You can also view more information on the artist and their work.

Note: The available categories are Landscape, Architecture, Wildlife, Action Painting, Still Life, Pattern, Urban Abstract, From Above, and Artist.

My Collection

You're not limited to displaying just the works of art in the Samsung Collection. Show off your artistic flair on The Frame using your own pictures! Just follow the steps below.

  1. Connect a USB drive containing your pictures to the One Connect Box.

  2. While The Frame is in Art mode, press Select on your OneRemote.

  3. Use the directional pad on the OneRemote to move to My Collection, and then move to and select the connected storage device.

  4. Use the directional pad on the OneRemote to browse through the pictures. To import images, move to and select Save at the top of the screen.

    Select an image to view it from the USB drive.

  5. Highlight and select Save Selected to import the selected images.

    Do not remove the USB drive while the images are saving to The Frame.

  6. To view the image you just imported, navigate to My Collection > My Photos.

The Art Store

You can purchase individual pieces of art or subscribe for unlimited access to all current and future artwork. To purchase a subscription, navigate to Art Store > Membership > Subscribe, and then add a payment method. Follow these steps to purchase a work of art:

  1. While The Frame is in Art mode, press Select on your OneRemote.

  2. Use the directional pad on the OneRemote to move to Art Store, and then select a category.

  3. Use the directional pad on the OneRemote to browse through the works of art.

  4. To purchase a piece of art, press Select to choose a work of art and then select Buy at the top of the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a payment method.

Apply a Matte Style and Color

The Matte style and color can be changed to better suit your preferences and match the displayed works of art.

  1. Navigate to the work of art you want to display, and then press Up on your OneRemote.

  2. Select Matte.

  3. Select the matte you like best using Left and Right on the directional pad.

  4. After selecting the matte style, you can select the color using the directional pad on the remote.

  5. Press Select on your remote to save the changes.


  • Do not block the sensor at the front of the TV. The motion sensor as well as the brightness and color tone of the screen can be affected.

  • The performance of the sensor may vary depending on the TV installation and operating environment.

    • The screen brightness and color may be affected depending on the color of the bottom of the TV.

    • In an environment where special light sources other than standard light sources (halogen, fluorescent) are applied, the sensor may deviate in motion recognition, depending on the positions, types, and number of the light sources.

    • If the surroundings of the TV are too dark or bright, the screen brightness may be limited or the sensor may not work normally.

    • If the TV is installed too high or low, the sensor may not work normally

    • The motion sensor may sense a motion from a flashing LED, a pet dog, a car moving outside the window, or other condition to start operation.

    • More supports are available in Samsung Support.