Add custom bezels to change the look of your Samsung Frame TV

Customize the Bezel on Your Frame TV

You can purchase a customizable bezel and change the color of your Frame TV to make it complement your home's decor. The bezels are available in beige, black, brown, white, and other colors, so it will match perfectly with any room. You won't need a handyman to install the bezels because they are magnetic and easily slide onto the TV.

Attach and remove bezels

When you buy The Frame, the bezel will be black. If you'd like to customize your Frame, you can purchase the customizable bezel in a variety of colors from Samsung. When you're ready to change the bezels, it's incredibly easy:

  1. Each bezel piece is labeled, so you'll know where to attach them.

  2. Line up each piece with the corresponding side of the TV, and then slide them into place. It's usually easier to start with the bottom and top bezel pieces first, and then put on the sides.

  3. The bezel pieces are magnetic and will attach instantly. Each piece should be flush once attached.

  4. To remove the bezel, gently hold one piece and slide it off of The Frame TV. Repeat this for all four bezel pieces.

Attach and Remove Frame Bezel

To determine which bezel is compatible with your Frame TV, just make sure you buy a bezel for your Frame TV model year and the size. If you aren't sure which year your Frame is, check the model code. All Frame TVs have "LS03" in the model code, but the letter after 3 tells you the year: B (2022), A (2021), T (2020), R (2019), and N (2018).

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