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Frequently Asked Questions About PENUP

Frequently Asked Questions about PENUP

PENUP is a digital art app that lets you color, paint, and trace pictures. You can even interact with other artists to show off your artwork. Keep reading to see answers to some frequently asked questions about the PENUP app.

General FAQs about PENUP

What is PENUP?

  • PENUP is a unique social network that lets users share and view each other’s drawings or artwork. Even if you aren’t a professional artist, you can learn how to draw from the Drawing Tips menu or by viewing other users’ artwork. You can also set other user's drawings as wallpapers and you can draw directly on your phone using the S Pen.

Can I draw using PENUP?

How do I sign up?

  • PENUP comes preinstalled on many Galaxy phones, and you can also download it from Play Store. Once you open the app, you can easily sign up for PENUP using your Samsung, Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

What is the minimum age for signing up?

  • You need to be at least 13 years old or older to use PENUP. However, users under 13 can sign up with parental consent.

How do I interact with others?

  • When you see an artwork you like, you can leave compliments or other encouraging messages in the comments. You can also "Favorite" pieces or repost it. If you want to find out more about the user, tap on the user's name to view their profile page. On their profile page, you can view that user's entire collection or leave comments in their fan book. You can also follow the user to receive the latest updates from them in your feed.

What is My feed?

  • My feed consists of your art, artwork by users you are following, and featured or popular art pieces.

What is the Hall of Fame?

  • Each month, the PENUP administrators select users with unique artistic talent and showcase them in the Hall of Fame. Scroll to the bottom of the Home tab and touch VIEW ALL next to HALL OF FAME to see all previous Hall of Fame artists.

Can I share artwork to other apps or services?

  • When posting a new piece, you can also post artwork on your Facebook or Twitter account by touching the corresponding icons at the bottom of the page. This sharing feature can also be enabled by default in your profile. You can easily share previous artworks on other services by selecting them and touching the Share button.

How do I use the wallpaper feature?

  • You can set your favorite art pieces as a wallpaper for your phone. Just select the drawing or painting you would like as a wallpaper, and then touch More Options. Touch Set as wallpaper, and then select where you want the wallpaper displayed.

What is a collection?

  • A collection is a gallery of your artwork. You can collect your own artwork and watch slideshows of your collections. When posting a new piece, there will be an option to choose which collection it will go in. You can view your collections by touching your profile picture and then touching the COLLECTIONS tab.

How do I follow other users?

  • You can follow a user by touching the Follow button on the user's profile. In addition, you can also follow tags by touching the icon with two rings.

Where can I see popular artwork?

  • Popular artwork and artists are displayed on the Home tab. Popularity is ranked by the number of views, comments, and likes.

What kind of artwork or behavior is prohibited on PENUP?

  • The following artwork and behavior is prohibited so PENUP can be a pleasant experience for everyone:
    • Nudity or sexually explicit content.

    • Obscene signs, language, and images.

    • Images of injured humans, animals, and characters.

    • Violations of intellectual property rights.

    • Impersonation of others and defamation of character.

    • Content harmful to minors.

    • The promotion of drugs, weapons, alcohol, or smoking.

    • Spam or phishing.

    • Content that encourages or abets crime.

    • Content that encourages terrorism, racism, and/or piracy.

What if I see inappropriate material?

  • If you find an inappropriate artwork, touch More Options on the artwork's detail page, and then touch Flag content. The PENUP team will review the artwork and decide whether it should be removed.

Can I block a certain user?

  • If you do not wish to receive notifications about a user's posts or updates, touch More Options on the user's profile page, and then select Block user. All artwork and comments posted by the user will be hidden. You can unblock a user from the Settings menu.

How can I report an inappropriate comment?

  • If you find a comment that is inappropriate, touch More Options in the top right corner of the comment, and then then touch Flag content. The PENUP team will review the flagged comment and decide whether it should be removed.

Can I delete PENUP?

  • If you do not want the PENUP app, you can uninstall it like any other app. You can also sign out or permanently delete your PENUP account if you desire.

Can I disable Auto Updates for PENUP?

  • Automatic updates are handled by the Play Store. On your phone, navigate to PENUP's page on Play Store. Then, touch More Options and uncheck the box next to Enable auto update. 

Can I turn off notifications for PENUP?

  • Yes, you can. On the PENUP Home tab, touch More Options, and then touch Settings. Touch Notifications, and then touch the slider to turn notifications on or off.

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