Factory reset your ADT Security Hub

Reset graphic hovering over an ADT Security Hub

Maybe you need a fresh start because you bought all-new security devices. Or, maybe you're thinking of giving your ADT hub to a family member who will get more use out of it. Either way, you can completely redo your ADT Security Hub and SmartThings configurations. You can factory reset your ADT Security Hub by performing a reset on the panel itself or through the SmartThings app.

Before you reset

There are a few things you should know prior to resetting the ADT Security Hub:

  • All device connections, automations, rules, configurations, and SmartApps associated with that Hub will be lost in the reset.

  • All devices connected to your Hub will have to be reset or excluded before they can be reconnected. The steps for resetting and reconnecting each device differ.

  • If you are resetting your hub because you plan to sell it or get rid of it, please be aware that resetting the hub will not cancel your ADT Professional Monitoring Service subscription. You will need to manually cancel your subscription before resetting and giving away the hub.

Devices connected to ADT Security Hub

Factory reset the ADT Security Hub

You can perform the factory reset from the ADT Security Hub Panel itself.

  1. Unplug the A/C adapter by disconnecting the two parts of the cord. To save power, you can unplug the wall adapter as well.

    Hand unplugging the A/C adaptor on the back of an ADT Hub
  2. If the desk mount is attached to the back of the hub, remove it by pushing on its four different tabs and lifting it up. 

    Hand removing desk mount on the ADT Security Hub
  3. Unscrew the single screw at the bottom of the panel that is holding the backplate in place. The screw cannot be removed from the plastic casing. Do not attempt to force it loose.

    Screwdriver loosening screw on back of the ADT Hub
  4. Carefully remove the backplate by sliding out the tabs at the top and bottom.

  5. To reset the hub, you'll need to disconnect the backup battery. To do this, locate the three wires (red, black, and white) that lead from the battery. They connect to an off-white plug that is located on the green motherboard.

    Disconnecting the backup battery on back of the ADT Hub
  6. Next, carefully unplug the wire's harness from the off-white plug by gently pulling upward. Do not physically remove the wires from their harness.

  7. Wait at least 30 seconds and reconnect the backup battery by plugging the wire harness back into the off-white plug.

  8. Slide the black tube between the battery and the plug to secure the wires. Ensure the black tube is not on top of the backup battery. This will prevent the backplate from fully connecting.

  9. Reconnect the A/C adapter and wall adapter. When the Home and Emergency buttons start flashing, press and hold both buttons to stop the flashing. The screen will then light up.

  10. Carefully replace the backplate and screw. Then, replace the desk mount if you had it attached before.

    Person replacing the desk mount on ADT Security Hub
  11. If the previous steps do not work, please contact SmartThings Support.

  12. Note: Do not insert sharp objects into any holes on the back of the panel. Doing so could severely damage the backup battery.

Reset the ADT Security Hub through SmartThings

If you aren't much of a handy person and prefer technology, you can reset the ADT Security Hub using the SmartThings app. However, to do this, you will need to remove the hub's location in SmartThings, which will disconnect any other smart devices you have added there. You can recreate the location and reconnect your smart devices once the ADT Security Hub has been reset.

  1. Open the SmartThings app on your connected phone.

  2. Tap the Home icon, and then select Manage locations.

  3. Choose the location where your ADT Security Hub is added.

  4. Tap Remove location, and then tap Remove to confirm. Remember, removing the location will delete all devices that were added to it, and you will need to reset and then reconnect them.

  5. The ADT Security Hub will reset. It may take a few minutes for the reset to go through. When it does, the initial setup screen will appear on the hub.

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