Manage notifications from Samsung Pay

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Samsung Pay can notify you of everything from deals at nearby shops, alerts about your card activations, and tip-offs about special promotions. Just make sure your Samsung notifications are turned on, and you'll never miss a good sale again.

Manage notifications

There are four different notifications categories in Samsung Pay. You can use them to customize what kind of notifications get sent to you, and you can even adjust which ones make a notification sound.

  1. Open Samsung Pay, and then tap Menu (the three horizontal bars).

  2. Tap Settings, and then tap Notifications.

  3. Here you can tap the switch next to Show notifications to completely enable or disable notifications from Samsung Pay. To control exactly what notifications you'll see, tap Notification categories.

Samsung Pay Notifications Settings menu

The different types of notifications you can get from Samsung Pay include:

  • Wallet notifications: Receive notifications related to your wallet. You can turn on notifications for card updates, cash back deals, transaction receipts, and more.

  • Location Based notifications: Receive notifications about promotions and offers based on your real-world location.

  • Service information notifications: Receive notifications about alerts, cash back, reminders, and rewards.

  • Promotions notifications: Receive notifications about partner marketing and special Samsung promotions.

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