Have Bixby play music on your Galaxy phone

Galaxy S21 playing spotify music with Bixby

Bixby Voice is your preferred AI assistant because it's always helping you out. And did you know that it can also double as a DJ? Just say a voice command and Bixby will start playing all of your favorite songs from Spotify, Samsung Music, or another music app.

Note: Spotify may not be available with certain phone carriers. Samsung Music will be used instead if Spotify is unavailable.

Play music with Bixby

Note: If your phone doesn't have a dedicated Bixby button, press and hold the Side key to launch Bixby Voice. The Side key can also be remapped.

Play music with Spotify

On newer Galaxy phones, Spotify is integrated into Bixby! This will make it easy to pull up and play all of your favorite Spotify playlists.

  1. To link Bixby to your Spotify account, first make sure you have Spotify installed and that are you logged into your account.

  2. Press and hold the Bixby key or Side key to call Bixby, and then say "Play music.

    Music playing with Bixby Voice
  3. Bixby will ask for permission to connect to your Spotify account. Review the information, and then tap AGREE. Once you do, Bixby and Spotify will be officially linked. 

  4. Whenever you give a music command, Bixby will perform it. For example, you can call Bixby and say, "Play jazz music" or "Next song."

Play music from other apps

If you prefer Samsung Music, YouTube Music, or Amazon Music, Bixby still works with them. Open up your desired music app, call Bixby, and say something like "play," "next song," or another simple instruction - Bixby will perform the command.

However, when you say "Play music" or give Bixby a command with a specific song title, artist, or genre, Spotify will automatically open, even if you have another music app opened. Make sure you are careful about how you phrase music commands.

Play music displayed on a Galaxy phone

Note: When playing music through your device's speakers, this feature is only supported on certain devices due to performance limitations. For models that support the feature, you can turn it on or off by tapping Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tapping Settings. If this feature is turned on, your battery will drain faster. Deviations in sound recognition may occur depending on your speaker volume or where your phone is placed. If Bixby isn't responding properly to your voice, try again in a quieter environment or lower your music volume.

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