Set alarms and get your morning news with Bixby Voice

Woman waking up next to phone with Bixby alarm

Save some time in the morning with Bixby alarm. Instead of flipping through TV channels, you can just listen to Bixby who will read the news and weather to you as your alarms go off. Bixby can even create or silence alarms for you as you go through your busy day.

Use Bixby voice to create and use alarms

If you're too tired or busy to fumble through your phone's settings, just have Bixby create an alarm for you.

Turn on an alarm

Press and hold the Bixby or Side key, depending on your settings. While holding the key, tell Bixby what time you would like to set an alarm for. For example, you can say "Set an alarm for 8 p.m." The new alarm will be automatically added to the Clock app, where you can view or edit it.

Alarm set for 8:00 PM with Bixby Voice

You can also have Bixby perform more commands with the Alarm app. View more voice commands for apps that are compatible with Bixby.

Turn off an alarm

Press and hold the Bixby or Side key, depending on your settings. While holding the key, tell Bixby which alarm you want to turn off. It can be a future alarm, or it can be an alarm that’s going off at that very moment. For example, you can say "Turn off alarm for 8:30 p.m." or "Turn off alarm for later."

Alarm turned off for tomorrow with Bixby Voice

Use Bixby alarm

Note: Bixby alarm may not be available on all devices, depending on model, carrier, and software version.

Bixby doesn't just set alarms; it can also be an alarm. With the Bixby alarm feature, you'll hear an alarm tone, and then a couple moments later, Bixby will read out the current time, the weather forecast, and news while the regular alarm rings. If you snooze the alarm, the next time it goes off it will only play the alarm tone you chose.

To use Bixby alarm, open the Clock app, and then select the desired alarm from the list. Tap Alarm sound, and then tap Bixby alarm.

Note: You need Bixby Voice set up to use this feature.

Bixby alarm selected for Alarm sound

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