Adjust keyboard settings on your Galaxy phone

Samsung keyboard settings on Note20 Ultra

Whether you want to send fun messages to friends or type up something important, your phone's keyboard settings have got you covered. You can send emojis, change the keyboard's language, change the default keyboard, or even type things out with your voice.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model. The steps only apply to the default Samsung keyboard.

Use the toolbar on the keyboard

You can send funny GIFs and stickers to your friends and family, no matter what phone they use. Your phone will automatically convert them into a multimedia message.

Just open any text messaging app, and follow the steps below to make your messages more fun and expressive.

For this example, navigate to Messages, and then tap New conversation. Enter or choose a recipient, and then tap the Enter message field to pull up the keyboard. The toolbar will automatically appear.

Samsung keyboard with Settings and options displayed above keys

From the toolbar, you can choose between Emoji, Stickers, GIF, Voice Input, and Settings. Tap Expand toolbar (the three horizontal dots) to see even more options available on your phone.

Keyboard settings

The great thing about the default Samsung keyboard is how customizable it is. You can change the language, layout, themes, size, feedback, and even add custom symbols.

From Settings, search for and select Samsung Keyboard. Tap Samsung Keyboard again, and then adjust your desired keyboard settings.

You can also access this page by tapping the Settings icon in the keyboard's toolbar.

Samsung Keyboard with Settings icon highlighted

Type with your voice

There are two built-in voice-to-text apps on your phone: Samsung voice input and Google voice typing.

From Settings, tap General management, and then tap Keyboard list and default. Tap the switch next to Samsung voice input.

You should also tap the switch next to any other voice-to-text features to ensure only one voice assistant is activated on your phone.

Manage keyboards screen with a list of keyboards

You are now ready to type a message using your voice! Open the Messages app, start a new conversation, and tap the Microphone icon on the keyboard’s toolbar. Depending on the voice assistant you selected, the layout will look slightly different, but the steps are the same. Simply talk when the Microphone icon is active and your voice will be translated into words.

Samsung Keyboard with Voice input icon highlighted

If you stop talking, the Microphone icon will turn off. Just tap the Microphone icon to activate it again. You can also tap the Microphone icon while speaking to pause voice-to-text.

Note: If it’s the first time using Samsung voice input, you may need to agree to the terms or allow some permissions.

Change the keyboard mode

Note: For the Galaxy Fold, keyboard modes are only available on the main screen.

While you probably love your Galaxy phone, you may not be used to typing on it yet. That's OK, because there are 3 different keyboard modes you can use to make typing easier.

Navigate to an app that uses the keyboard, and then open up the keyboard. Tap Expand toolbar (the three horizontal dots), and then tap Modes.

Or, you can navigate to Settings, and then tap General management. Tap Samsung Keyboard settings, and then tap Mode.

You can choose from the following keyboard modes:

A list of Keyboard mode options
  • Standard keyboard: This is the normal keyboard view, with your phone's on-screen keyboard stretched to fill the main screen.

  • One-handed keyboard: This mode shifts the keyboard to the right side of the screen. To shift the keyboard to the left, tap the Left arrow icon.

  • Floating keyboard: This mode turns the keyboard into a small floating popup in the center of the screen.

Change the default keyboard

Typing is about to get a whole lot more exciting. If you want a new keyboard, you can download one that fits your style from the Play Store and Galaxy Store.

Once you have downloaded a keyboard, navigate to Settings, and then tap General Management. Tap Keyboard list and default, and then tap Default keyboard. From there, select your desired keyboard.

Samsung Keyboard chosen with Gboard as another option

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