Next level slow motion with Super Slow-mo on Galaxy Phones

Two people filming on Galaxy S10 while skateboarding

Super Slow-mo mode on your phone lets you record videos in slow motion, making all your favorite moments cinematic. Whether you're going up for a slam dunk on the basketball court or your kids are running through the sprinkler, you can slow down and relive the memory with Super Slow-mo Mode.

Note: Super Slow-Mo is only on select phones.

What is Super Slow-Mo?

Thanks to an enhanced speed sensor on your phone, Super Slow-mo lets you shoot at an incredible speed of 960 frames per second. While Super Slow-mo on Galaxy S9 and below capture .2 or .4-second increments in slow motion, the S10 can capture twice as much - .4 or .8 seconds.

Note: Super Slow-mo only supports HD resolution. Limited to 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and 6 seconds of playback for each shot.

Filming kids playing soccer with Super Slow-mo

Switch between Single Take and Multi-Take

Before you make your directorial debut as a slow-motion mastermind, you need to learn about the two different modes in Super Slow-mo. Here are the two types:

Single-take: This mode will record a single action in super slow motion and make a short clip.

Multi-take: With this mode, you can take multiple super slow motion snippets while recording a video.

By default, your camera will be set to Single-take. To change the mode, open the Camera app, and then the touch Settings icon. Touch Super Slow-mo, and touch your desired setting.

When you use Single-take, all you have to do is touch the Record button. However, Multi-take is a little more complicated because it has Auto and Manual mode. Read the next section to learn more.

Note: As of right now, Multi-take is not available on the Galaxy S10 series. It can only use Single-take.

Super Slow-mo Multi-take and Single-take Settings

Super Slow-Mo (Auto)

If you want the best possible slow motion, use the Super Slow-Mo Auto mode. In this mode, the camera automatically detects motion and then slows it down. It also lets you add a slow-motion moment more than once per video.

From the Camera app, select Super Slow-mo. Then, make sure Motion Detection is on by touching the M icon. When you're ready, start recording. Hold your phone steady to start motion detection. When your camera detects movement in the square, it will automatically start recording in Super Slow-mo.

Note: Auto mode can only be used when Super Slow-mo is set to Multi-take. This feature is not available on the Galaxy S10 series.

Filming kids playing using the Super Slow-mo on auto

Super Slow-Mo (Manual)

The Manual Super Slow-Mo version lets you manually activate slow motion. When you use this feature, there will be one slow motion effect per video. This will make the video a little less crazy.

From the Camera app, select Super Slow-mo. And then make sure that Motion Capture is off. When you're ready, start recording. Hold your phone steady and when you're ready, touch Super Slow-mo to capture an action. When you're done, stop recording.

Note: Manual mode can only be used when Super Slow-Mo is set to Multi-take. This feature is not available on the Galaxy S10 series.

Filming kids playing using the Super Slow-mo on manual

Super Slow-Mo tips

Although Super Slow-mo is super advanced, there are still some things you will need to take into consideration when filming slow motion videos.

Check out the tips below to get the best results with Super Slow-mo:

  • Make sure there are no moving objects in the on-screen square (other than the object you're trying to record in Super Slow-mo) because it can trigger Super Slow-mo recording in Auto mode.

  • Avoid recording in flickering or fluorescent light, as it can trigger Super Slow-mo recording in Auto mode.

  • Record in an area with sufficient light. We recommend recording under LED lighting or sunlight. Recording in a dark setting will cause noise and may trigger Super Slow-mo recording in Auto mode.

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