Eligible purchases and exclusions in Samsung Pay

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You love earning cash back through Samsung Pay. In fact, you love it so much, you wish you could earn cash back on everything. Unfortunately, merchants may put restrictions on some cash back purchases, and Samsung Pay is only available through phones. Familiarize yourself with eligible purchases and exclusions so you know how much cash back to expect.

Will I get cash back if I made a purchase through a computer?

You need to use Samsung Pay on your phone to earn cash back; the app isn’t available on computers. To earn cash back, all orders must be started and completed in Samsung Pay. You CANNOT add items to the cart on your phone, and then complete the purchase later on your computer or another device.

Also, do not navigate in and out of the app during checkout because this may inactivate the cash back offer.

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Are there exclusions on what I can purchase?

Every store is run a little differently - and this includes their policies on promotions. In Samsung Pay, some merchants may have restrictions or exclusions about what purchases will earn cash back. They may also have restrictions on the amount of cash back that will be rewarded for each purchase. On top of this, some merchants may consider a purchase ineligible for cash back if certain coupons or codes are applied during checkout. Make sure you read the merchant’s Terms and Conditions before buying anything, so you know which items will earn you rewards.

Cash back instructions for Gamestop
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