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Samsung Pay offers tons of promotions that give you rewards and cash back. But sometimes, mishaps or certain circumstances can cause delays with an order or cash back. Don’t worry, you’ll get your new item or cash back soon. Find out why your inquiry might be pending or may have been rejected.

Why hasn’t my order shown up in my account yet?

You just bought a great gift, but you don’t see it in your account - where is it?

When making a purchase or placing an order through Samsung Pay’s cash back program, make sure you always read the merchant’s Terms and Conditions first. Every merchant on Samsung Pay has a different reporting window. Some merchants may post your order information right away, but others may take up to 32 hours to report it. Other times, the order will not show on your account until it ships.

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Why is my order inquiry still pending?

Sometimes your order will display but say it’s pending. This is because purchases made through Samsung Pay are sent to the merchant for review. Merchants need to approve the order before it can be processed and shipped, and each merchant has a different amount of review time. Please read the merchant’s Terms and Conditions before you make any purchases.

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Why was my order rejected?

Make sure you always use the provided link when making merchant purchases through Samsung Pay. If you alternate between apps, the order could get lost in the process. There are several reasons why your order inquiry may have been rejected. Here are the three main reasons:

  • Reported as Canceled: This means your order was returned or canceled by the merchant. For example, the item you ordered may be sold out. For further assistance, you should contact the merchant directly.

  • Order Attributed to Another Affiliate: In this case, you may have launched multiple publishers on your phone, which caused your order to be accidentally credited to a publisher other than Samsung Pay.

  • Offer Credited to Another Marketing Channel: This means that you ordered an item from the merchant, but you did not purchase it through Samsung Pay. Purchases are based on the last thing you select. For example, if you open a merchant’s app through Samsung Pay, but then close the app and return later, that purchase will be made directly through the vendor, not Samsung Pay.

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