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Samsung Notes Important Settings You Should Know

Everyone relies on their phone and their personal notes. Your Galaxy phone gives you the best of both with Samsung Notes. With this app, you can take notes on your phone whenever you want. To make things even more convenient, you should drag and drop the Samsung folder to your Home screen, so you can access Samsung Notes faster. Keep reading to learn all the important Samsung Notes settings that you should know about, so you can have the best note-taking system ever.

Settings that Make it Easier

If you’ve taken notes upon notes on your phone… Samsung Notes may have become a mess. Don't worry, it has features that will make organizing your notes much easier. Read below to learn all about these awesome settings.

  • The Search Function:  Use this feature to search for and find the exact note you need. Touch the Search icon, and then enter the words you want to search for.

  • Organize Your Notes: To keep all those notes organized, you can use several different feature. Touch More Options and then touch Edit. Select your desired notes and then choose your desired option. You can touch Move to place them in a different category. Or, you can touch Share to send them elsewhere, or touch Delete to remove them from your phone.

  • Sort Your Notes: You have so many notes, you don't know what's what. To help you figure it out, you can sort them. Touch More Options and then touch Sort by or Sort. Choose your desired option, such as Date created, and then touch DONE.

    You can also change the overall layout of your notes. Touch More Options and then touch List view or Grid view to change the layout of how the notes are displayed.

  • Lock Your Notes: If you want to keep some notes private (like your poetry collection), you can lock them. Open your desired note, touch More Options and then touch Lock. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to create a password for your note.

    Note: If you want to change the password, navigate to Samsung Notes' settings, touch Lock notes, and then touch Change password.

  • Action Icons: This feature creates icons in your handwritten notes. Just touch the different icons to make call numbers, send emails, solve equations, and go to websites straight from icons. Touch the Menu icon located at top left, touch the Settings icon, and then touch the slider next to Action icons.

    Note: This feature is only available on the Note series.

  • Update Samsung Notes: Make sure to always keep Samsung Notes updated, in case any new note-taking features are added. To update it, touch More Options, and then touch Settings. Touch About Samsung Notes, and then if an update is available touch UPDATE.

    Note: On the Note9, you will need to touch the Menu icon, touch the Settings icon, and then touch About Samsung Notes.

Settings to Save Your Notes

Maybe you've been writing a short story in Samsung Notes and you're scared of losing your progress. Don't stress, you can back up your notes using Samsung Cloud or the different sharing options.

Touch the Menu icon, and then touch the Settings icon. Touch the slider next to Sync with Samsung Cloud. If you touch Sync with Samsung Cloud, you can choose to sync now or sync using Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and mobile data.

To save your notes through sharing, touch and hold the notes that you want to back up, and then touch the Share icon. Select your desired file format, and then touch your desired option. For example, touch Save to Drive to save it to your Google Drive, or touch Wi-Fi Direct to share it to a computer that's connected the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.

To import data to Samsung Notes, touch the Menu icon, and then touch Import data. Touch the source you want to import from, and then follow the on-screen prompts.

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