Level your Samsung dishwasher

A black dishwasher underneath a white countertop

Leveling the dishwasher is just one step of installation, but it's an important one. Proper leveling will help to prevent leaks and other performance issues. For best results, the dishwasher needs to be level both vertically and horizontally.

Required tools

Note: If the dishwasher has already been installed, you will need to remove the kickplate to access the legs and rear adjustment screw.

  • A level

  • A hex tool

  • A wrench

Level the dishwasher

Once you've got everything set up, the actual leveling process is pretty easy.

  1. First, compare the horizontal level. You'll use the front two legs to make adjustments, if needed. Rotate a leg counterclockwise to raise the dishwasher on that side, or clockwise to lower it.

    Person using a level to check the dishwasher
  2. Next, adjust the level front to back as needed. Place the level against the front door of the dishwasher, vertically, as shown. To adjust the level, locate the rear adjustment screw at the front of the base, and adjust it using a Hex tool. Turning to the left will raise the back of the dishwasher; turning to the right will lower it.

    A illustration showing the proper door clearance
  3. Make sure the top of the door does not contact screws, brackets, or the counter top. If it does, adjust the leveling legs on the bottom front of the dishwasher.

    An illustration showing the dishwasher's leveling feet
  4. Although it's not part of leveling, while you are here with a level, there's one last thing to check. The sides of the door frame (where they screw into the cabinet) should not be bent inwards or outwards. One way to check this is to place the level vertically against the side of the door frame. If the level is not perfectly flat against the frame, the cabinet screws need to be loosened or tightened to straighten the frame.

    Note: The width of the door frame at the cabinet screws should be 22 inches. Measuring this distance is another way to check that the frame is straight.

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