Use the Secure Folder on your Galaxy phone

A phone with a digital lock icon displayed

You keep everything on your phone, including private information and potentially embarrassing photos. With Secure Folder, you can hide your personal data using a special passcode. That way, no one will see your stash of selfies.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Set up Secure Folder

In real life, a good security system means a lot of cameras and locks. Luckily, setting up Secure Folder on your phone is much simpler.

From Settings, search for and select Secure Folder under Biometrics and security, and then tap Secure Folder. Tap Agree. If needed, sign into your Samsung account, and then tap OK. You'll be prompted to set up a security method like a PIN, password, or pattern for accessing Secure Folder. Tap Next and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your passcode and access to your Secure Folder.

Set up Secure Folder

Add apps or files in Secure Folder

You want to download your bank’s app, but you’re nervous someone will steal your information. If you add the app to Secure Folder, no one will even know it is on your phone except you.

After Secure Folder is set up, tap Add apps. Tap a desired app to put in the folder, and then tap Add. You'll see a copy of the app in your Secure Folder. To add files, tap Add files and then select the file source or type.

Add Apps or Files in Secure Folder

Move files to Secure Folder

You can add pictures or files to your Secure Folder any time, even when you aren’t signed into it.

Navigate to an app with files, such as Gallery. Tap and hold the file(s) you want to move into Secure Folder. Tap More Options and then tap Move to Secure Folder. Enter your Secure Folder passcode information. The file will be moved and you can view in Secure Folder.

Move Files to Secure Folder

Note: Files need to be saved in your internal storage or your SD card to be moved to Secure Folder. Files saved on your cloud account can’t be moved to Secure Folder.

Remove files from Secure Folder

What if you want to show a friend picture or a video hidden in your Secure Folder? You'll need to use My Files in Secure Folder.

Navigate to and open Secure Folder. Enter your Secure Folder passcode information. Tap My Files and search for the file you want to move out of Secure Folder. Tap and hold the file, and then tap More Options. Tap Move out of Secure Folder. The file will be placed in the app where it was originally from.

Remove Files from Secure Folder

Note: If the file was previously saved on your SD card, it will be moved to a new folder in the Gallery and saved in your phone’s internal storage.

Hide the Secure Folder

If you don't want anyone to even know the Secure Folder exists on your phone, you can hide it from your Apps screen.

Swipe down using two fingers to access the Quick Settings panel. Swipe to and tap Secure Folder to hide or unhide the app.

You can also go to Settings, search for and tap Secure Folder under Biometrics and security, and then tap Secure Folder. Sign in, and then tap the switch next to Show Secure Folder.

Finally, you can keep the Secure Folder in plain sight by changing its name or icon. Navigate to and open Secure Folder, and then enter your security credentials. Tap More Options, and then tap Customize. From here, you can change the app's name and icon. When you're done, tap Apply.

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