Get your Samsung smart watch's information

Galaxy Watch4 with About watch screen showing the watch information

Have you ever owned something, but never really knew much about its model number or other specifications? That is... until you needed to? Luckily, important information about your Samsung smart watch is all kept together. With a few simple taps, you can get the info you need right on the watch itself.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by watch and software version.

Get your watch's information

Maybe you're on the phone with your network carrier and need to know watch's serial number, or you just want to check the software version. It's easy to look that up along with other important information.

  1. From the watch's Home screen, you can navigate to and tap Settings. You can also swipe down the Home screen, and then tap the Settings icon on the Quick settings panel.
    Note: On the S2 or Gear Fit2 Pro, the Settings icon is not available on the Quick settings panel.

  2. Depending on what kind of watch or fitness band you have, tap About watch, About device, or About band.
    Note: On the S2 or Gear Fit2 Pro, you will need to tap Gear info and then tap About device.

List of information for About watch on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

The following information may be displayed:

  • Watch phone number: Displays the watch's phone number if the watch has LTE service.

  • Model number: Displays the model number.

  • Serial number: Displays the serial number.

  • IMEI: Displays the watch’s unique IMEI number. Bluetooth-only watches and fitness bands will not have an IMEI.

  • Storage: Displays the available storage space.

  • Device: Access information about the watch, such as its EID, IMEI, or ICCD.

  • Legal info: Access the guide for checking the watch's open source license. From this page, you can also turn on the "Send diagnostic data" feature to help Samsung improve the quality and performance of our products and services. You can turn this feature on or off at any time.

  • Software: Access the watch's software version and security status.

  • Battery: Access the watch's battery voltage and capacity.

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