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Properly wear and clean your Samsung smart watch

Properly wear and clean your Samsung smart watch

If you experience some discomfort or skin irritation when you wear your Samsung smart watch, it means it's probably time to clean it. Some residue or foreign material probably built up on the watch and is aggravating your skin. It's also possible that you aren't wearing the watch correctly. Make sure to clean and adjust your watch for a more comfortable fit.

Caution: If you experience extreme skin irritation while wearing the watch, stop wearing it and wait two to three days for symptoms to ease. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a physician.

Clean your watch

Clean your wrist and the watch strap or band.

  • Clean your wrist and the watch strap or band after exercising or sweating. Clean it with fresh water, wipe it with a little rubbing alcohol, and dry it thoroughly.

  • When you wear sunblock, lotion, or oil, clean your watch with a soap-free detergent. Make sure to rinse and dry it thoroughly. 

  • If the watch gets stained or contains any foreign materials, wipe it with a moistened, soft bristle toothbrush.

Avoid certain cleaning substances and products.

  • Do not use soap, cleaning agents, abrasive materials, or compressed air to clean your watch.

  • Skin irritation may be caused by soap, detergent, hand sanitizer, or cleaning agents left on your watch.

  • Do not clean the watch using ultrasonic waves or external heat sources.

Note: Moisture or the buildup of any substance on the back-charging surface of your watch can cause it to charge more slowly or not at all, and can cause irritation when you wear your watch.

Keep the watch dry

To help it run its best and also prevent skin irritation, you'll need to keep your watch nice and dry. Whenever it does get wet, dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. You should also dry the charging surface on the back side of your watch before attaching it to a charger or before wearing it.

Please also keep in mind:

  • Do not expose your watch to water at high pressure.

  • The touchscreen and other features may not work properly if your watch is used in water or in other liquids.

  • If your watch is exposed to any liquid other than fresh water (like salt water), rinse it with fresh water immediately and dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.

  • Do not expose your watch to ionized water.

  • Your watch is not impervious to water damage in any situation.

  • Failure to rinse your watch in fresh water and dry it as instructed may cause it to suffer from operability, cosmetic, and charging issues. For example, it may charge more slowly or overheat.

Wear your watch properly

When you want to wear your Samsung smart watch, there's a proper way to put it on, so it will be nice and snug with no discomfort.

First, center the watch on top of your wrist and slide the end of the strap or band through the loop. Then, fit the strap or band to your wrist and firmly insert the pin into the adjustment hole. Ensure the pin is fully inserted into the hole. But make sure not to make the watch's strap too tight.

Please also be aware of the following:

  • Do not bend the strap or band excessively. Doing so may damage your watch.

  • Do not brace your watch against your body or a table.

Note: There may be some discomfort if the watch is worn on sensitive skin or fastened too tightly. 

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