Use the Cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip series phone

Three Galaxy Z Flip4s Showing Cover Screen features

Slip your Galaxy Z Flip series phone out of your pocket for a quick glance at the convenient Cover screen. All it takes is a few taps and swipes on the screen to see your notifications, Quick settings, widgets, date, and time. If you need to open an app or reply to a message, you can immediately view it by unfolding the phone. You can also answer or make calls without opening the phone. If you're looking for the latest Galaxy Z Flip phones, you can find them on our website.

Make or answer phone calls

Quickly answer and receive phone calls right from the Cover screen on your Galaxy Z Flip. Select the incoming call on the screen, or ask Bixby to make a call while the phone is locked.

When someone is calling you, their name and number will appear on the Cover screen. Tap the Cover screen and swipe right to answer, or swipe left to hang up. Answering from the Cover screen will enable the speakerphone if you aren’t using a headset or Bluetooth audio device.

Bixby can help you make calls without even touching the phone. After following the setup, all you have to do to make a call is say “Hey, Bixby. Call Mom.”

Galaxy Z Flip4 showing incoming call on cover screen
  1. To set this up, unfold the phone, and then navigate to and open Bixby.

  2. Tap the Discover icon in the bottom right corner, and then tap More options (the three vertical dots).

  3. Tap Settings, and then tap the switch next to "Use while phone locked."

View and reply to messages

When you receive a new text message, it’ll appear on the Cover screen. You’ll be able to send a reply right from the Cover screen as well.

  1. Tap the notification to view the message, or swipe right on the Cover screen to view all of your notifications.

  2. To reply to the message using your phone’s keyboard, tap Open app, and then unfold your phone to see the message on the main screen. To remove the notification from the Cover screen, tap Clear.

  3. To reply to the message from the Cover screen, tap one of the provided responses, such as Yes or OK.

  4. You can also tap the microphone icon and then speak aloud to reply.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Cover Screen showing message

Use the Camera

You can take selfies as well as videos on the Cover screen of your Z Flip4 with Quick shot! You can check out our camera article to learn more about using Quick shot and other features on your Z Flip phone.

  1. From the Cover screen, double press the Side key to open the Camera app.

  2. Swipe left or right to choose PHOTO, VIDEO, or PORTRAIT.

  3. Swipe up or down to zoom out or in. You can also double tap the screen to switch between zoomed out or zoomed in.

  4. To take a photo or capture a video, tap the screen. A short timer will appear, and then your photo or video will be captured. You can also press the Volume key.

  5. Then, unfold your phone and tap the Gallery icon in the bottom right to view your photo or video.

Women taking a Picture on Galaxy Z Flip4 Cover screen

You can adjust the aspect ratio used on the Cover screen as well. While your phone is unfolded, open the Camera app, and then select PHOTO, VIDEO, or PORTRAIT. Tap the aspect ratio icon at the top of the screen, and then tap your desired option, such as 3:4. Then, fold your phone and double press the Side key to launch the Camera app. The aspect ratio will transfer to your Quick shots!

Change your clock style

Since the Cover screen is likely the first screen you’ll see on your phone, why not customize it with a unique clock style?

Note: The Always On Display feature is not available on the Cover screen.

  1. While your phone is open, navigate to and open Settings, and then tap Cover screen.

  2. Tap Clock style, and then tap your desired style under Basic or Graphical. 

    Note: If you choose a Basic style, you can also tap Clock background image to select an image from wallpapers or Gallery.

  3. Then, tap Customize.

    Customize highlighted on a Galaxy Z Flip
  4. Depending on your selection, you can choose from Character, Color, or Text color.

  5. Tap Done when you’re finished. Then, fold your phone and double tap the Cover screen to check out your new clock style.

Access Quick settings

If you need to quickly turn on Wi-Fi or adjust the screen brightness, you can do so from the Cover screen. Double tap the Cover screen, and then swipe down to open the Quick settings. You can swipe left to view additional settings. The following are available:

  • Wi-Fi: Tap to turn Wi-Fi on or off.

  • Volume: Tap to choose from Sound, Vibrate, or Mute.

  • Bluetooth: Tap to turn Bluetooth on or off.

  • Airplane mode: Tap to turn Airplane mode on or off.

  • Flashlight: Tap the icon, and then press the Volume key to turn the flashlight on or off. You can also tap Turn off on the screen.

  • Brightness: Tap the icon to display the brightness slider, and then swipe left or right to adjust the brightness.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Cover Screen showing Access Quick

Manage widgets

Widgets are convenient shortcuts to your frequently used apps and settings, such as Calendar, Weather, and Samsung Health. You can add your desired widgets right to the Cover screen.

  1. Double tap the Cover screen, and then swipe left to view your widgets.

  2. To add additional widgets, continue swiping left, and then tap Add widget.

  3. Swipe left to view the available widgets. You can select from Music, Timer, Today’s schedule, Alarm, Weather, Samsung Health, Calendar, Direct Dial, and SmartThings Scenes. 

    Note: If you select SmartThings Scenes, you will need to navigate to and tap the widget, and then open your phone to add your desired Scenes.

  4. Touch and hold a widget to add it to the Cover screen.

  5. Then, tap Back.

  6. If you need to remove a widget, simply touch and hold it, and then tap the red minus sign.

Add widget screen displayed on Galaxy Z Flip 4 in hand

You can also manage your widgets while your phone is open. From Settings, tap Cover screen, and then tap Widgets. Tap the switch(es) next to your desired widget(s) to add or remove them. To rearrange your widgets, tap Reorder at the top, and then use the arrows to move them up or down in the list.

Use Samsung Wallet

Note: You will need to set up Samsung Wallet before it can be selected from the Cover screen.

Accessing Samsung Wallet is easier than ever when you need to quickly pay for your morning cup of coffee or view your ID cards. The cards stored in Samsung Wallet will be available right from the Cover screen. Just double tap the Cover screen, and then swipe up to open Samsung Wallet. Swipe left or right to view your available cards.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Cover Screen showing Samsung Wallet
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