Use the Cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip series phone

A Galaxy Z Flip3 displaying a notification on its Cover Screen

Slip your Galaxy Z Flip, Z Flip 5G, or Z Flip3 out of your pocket for a quick glance at the convenient Cover screen. All it takes is a few taps and swipes on the screen to see your current notifications, battery percentage, date, and time. If you need to open an app or reply to a message, you can immediately view it by unfolding the phone. You can also answer or make calls without opening the phone.

Note: The Always On Display feature is not available on the Cover screen.

Access notifications and open apps full screen

Just tap and swipe on the Cover screen to check messages, system alerts, and app notifications, all without unfolding your Galaxy Z Flip series phone.

When the phone is folded and locked, double tap on the Cover screen or press the Side key to turn the screen on. You’ll see the time, date, and battery information. To view your notifications, swipe right from the main screen. When your notifications are displayed on the Cover screen, unfold the phone to see the same alerts on the Lock screen.

If an alert requires you to open an app, you can switch directly to it. Tap the notification on the Cover screen, tap it again, and then unfold the phone to jump right into the selected app.

Note: On the Z Flip3, tap the notification, tap Open app, and then unfold your phone.

Make or answer phone calls

Quickly answer and receive phone calls right from the Cover screen on your Galaxy Z Flip. Select the incoming call on the screen, or ask Bixby to make a call while the phone is locked.

When someone is calling you, their name and number will appear on the Cover screen. Tap the Cover screen and swipe right to answer, or swipe left to hang up. Answering from the Cover screen will enable the speakerphone if you aren’t using a headset or Bluetooth audio device.

Bixby can help you make calls without even touching the phone. After following the setup all you have to do to make a call is say “Hey, Bixby. Call Mom.”

Galaxy Z Flip3 showing incoming call on cover screen
  1. To set this up, unfold the phone and navigate to Bixby Assistant Home.

  2. Open the app, and then tap Menu (the three horizontal lines).

  3. Tap Settings, and then tap the switch next to "Use while phone locked."

Control apps from the Cover screen

You can also control Spotify and other music apps from the Cover screen. If you’re listening to music, swipe left to pause the song or skip to the next track.

But probably the coolest new feature is that you can take pictures from the Cover screen! To launch the Camera app, double press the Side key, and then press either Volume key to take a selfie. Unfolding the phone will bring you right to the Camera app if the viewfinder is still visible. You can see your new photo by selecting the Gallery.

Read more about the Z Flip’s Camera app and how to take photos from the Cover screen.

Samsung Music app on Galaxy Z Flip3 Cover screen

Adjust the brightness of the Cover screen

Just like the main screen, you can control the brightness of the Cover screen so it's always visible.

  1. Unfold the phone and swipe down from the top to open the notification panel.

  2. Tap the Settings icon, and then tap Display.

  3. Adjust the Cover screen slider in the Brightness section to your preferred brightness.

Brightness options on a Galaxy ZFlip

Use the Cover screen on your Z Flip3

The Z Flip3 offers some new ways to control the Cover screen. You can make calls and send text messages, as well as take photos and videos. The Cover screen will also show you the time, date, and battery percentage when you tap on it.

  • You can view text messages on the Cover screen by swiping right, and then tapping the message.

  • Tap Open app, then unfold your phone to see the message on the main screen, and then reply to it.

  • To take photos and videos on the Cover screen, double press the Side key to open the Camera app.

    You can then switch between PHOTO and VIDEO by swiping left or right. Capture the photo or video by tapping the screen or pressing the Volume key.

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