Flex and view apps on your Galaxy Z Fold2 or Fold3

Hand unfolding the Galaxy Z Fold3

Looking for a way to truly maximize your time while still enjoying all that your Galaxy device has to offer? With the Galaxy Z Fold2 or Fold3, you can do exactly that. There are several ways to view your content, like using Flex Mode to see your screen from different perspectives, and App continuity to transfer your apps from the cover screen to the main screen. Plus, the phone's durable design allows for continuous folding and unfolding throughout the day, so there's no need to worry about how often you bend or flex your device.

Use Flex Mode

Note: Most apps are only supported in Landscape view when using Flex Mode.

Flex Mode allows you to see apps, type up notes, watch videos, take photos, and more using different orientations. Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa or cooking in your kitchen, you can prop up your Z Fold2 or Fold3 to interact with the screen’s content.

To use Flex Mode, all you need to do is open an app and then partially fold your device into an L shape. For example, you can open the Camera app, partially fold your phone, and then place it on a table to take a hands-free selfie with your friends. On the bottom portion of the screen, you can control the camera's features and tap the Gallery preview to view your recent photos and videos. You can switch back to the app’s normal mode by unfolding the phone.

Alternatively, you can use Cover View by placing the Z Fold2 or Fold3 on a flat surface and then lifting the cover screen towards you. Or, prop up the device while it’s still folded to use Tent View when diving into your favorite game.

When in Flex Mode, you can use Camera, Video calling, Gallery, Video player, Clock, Calendar, YouTube, Google Duo, and more!

App continuity

Note: Some apps are not compatible with App continuity or full-screen aspect ratio.

When you’re busy multitasking, use your Z Fold2’s App continuity to open and view apps on both the cover screen and the main screen. You can use Landscape orientation on the cover screen as well if you’re browsing websites or watching a video.

  1. Open an app on the cover screen and then unfold your phone to see it on the larger main screen.

  2. You can optimize apps that don’t use the full-screen aspect ratio by navigating to Settings, tapping Display, and then tapping Full screen apps.

    A list of Full screen apps on a Galaxy phone
  3. Tap the switch next to your desired apps. This will make them fit the screen as much as possible.

  4. Once an app or file is open on the main screen, just fold your Z Fold2 or Fold3 to continue using it on the cover screen.

  5. To adjust App continuity for the cover screen, navigate to Settings, tap Display, and then tap Continue apps on front screen. For example, if you need to fold your device while responding in a group chat, you’ll still be able to see those important messages on the cover screen.

Multi view on the Z Fold3

Multi view is a new feature on the Z Fold3, but what does it do? It displays some apps and settings in a multi-column layout! For example, instead of being one continuous page, the Settings app will appear as two columns, with one part displaying on the left side of the screen and the other part displaying on the right side. This means less scrolling and no more swapping back and forth between menus.

Multi view should be turned on by default on the Z Fold3, but here are instructions in case you turned it off by mistake:

  1. On your phone, navigate to and open Settings.

  2. Tap Display. Then, scroll to and tap Screen layout and zoom.

  3. Make sure the layout is set to Multi view.

  4. When Multi view is enabled, you can view and use the following apps in a two-column layout: Settings, Samsung Messages, My Files, and Contacts.

Multi view selected for Screen layout and zoom

Note: Multi view only works in the specific apps listed above.

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