Clean your Samsung range hood and vents

Samsung vent absorbing steam

Your Samsung range hood comes with a lot of different parts, so cleaning them may seem overwhelming. However, the hood, vent, and filters can be cleaned quickly and easily by following some simple steps. You’ll just need to carefully remove the individual parts using our instructions, and then wipe them down. Some parts can even be put in your dishwasher for super fast cleaning.

Note: The LED lights on the hood should be replaced by a certified technician. 

Clean the exterior

Note: Do not use abrasive cleaners or materials on the hood or the controls, as they may scratch the surface. These include products such as spray cleaners, alcohol-based cleaners, chlorine-based cleaners, steel wool, and scouring pads.

Your range hood should be cleaned often to prevent grease and food stains from building up. If you notice any dirt or grime on it, then it’s time to clean. Soft cloths such as microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning the hood.

  1. Add a small amount of liquid detergent to a soft cloth, and then gently wipe the surface of the hood. If needed, you can dampen the cloth with water.

  2. Rub the cloth in the direction of the stainless steel grain to avoid scratching the surface.

  3. Then, use a soft, dry cloth to thoroughly dry the surface.

  4. If any stains or spots remain on the hood, repeat this process.

Woman cleaning the vent

Clean the baffle filter and drip tray

The stainless steel baffle filter and grease drip tray can be placed in your dishwasher for cleaning. Or, you can clean these parts by hand using hot water and dish detergent. If the following steps differ from your hood, please refer to your user manual for exact instructions.

  1. Remove the baffle filter by pulling the spring release handle. Then, pull down the baffle filter. 

  2. If your hood has two baffle filters, repeat the process for both. Make sure to use two hands when pulling down the filters.

    Girl using both hands to remove the filter
  3. Next, remove the grease drip tray from its bracket.

  4. You can use your dishwasher to clean the baffle filter and drip tray.

  5. Or, if you prefer to clean them by hand, they can be washed in hot water and dish detergent. Dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth.

    Girl washing the filter
  6. Reinstall the drip tray by placing it back into the bracket.

  7. To reinstall the baffle filter, first make sure the spring release handle is positioned toward the front.

  8. Insert the baffle filter into the upper track of the hood. Then, push in the spring release handle.

  9. Push up on the baffle filter, and then release the handle to latch the filter into place. Repeat this process if your hood has two filters.

Replace the charcoal filters

Note: Replacement charcoal filters are not included with the hood. They must be ordered from The charcoal filters are not washable.

Your charcoal filter should last between six months to one year. After this time, it should be replaced with a new one. The instructions may vary depending on your model, so make sure to check your user manual if you are unsure.

  1. To replace your charcoal filter, first remove the metal grease filter from the hood, and then remove the old charcoal filter.

  2. Then, bend the spring clips away from the metal grease filter.

    Illustration of spring clips on the grease filter
  3. Place the new charcoal filter into the top side of the metal filter.

  4. If your model has a filter latch, you may need to pull the latch back, and then push the front of the charcoal filter up into place.

  5. Next, insert the metal grease filter back into the hood.

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