Change the screen orientation on your Galaxy watch with Wear OS

Galaxy Watch4 showing orientation settings

Are you a lefty or a righty? Although many people are right-handed, you may want to wear your Galaxy Watch on your right wrist instead, or perhaps you'd prefer to have the buttons facing the other way. Whether it’s for comfort or if you just prefer it that way, you can change the orientation on your Wear OS Galaxy smart watch to suit your dominant hand.

Adjust the orientation on your watch

Important: Changing your screen orientation is only supported on Galaxy watches running Wear OS.

Note: If you use your watch to measure your ECG, select the orientation that matches how you normally wear your watch. This will ensure accurate measurements.

If you're left-handed and find that it's easier to use the watch with your dominant hand, you can easily set up the watch to make it comfortable to use.

  1. On your watch, navigate to and open Settings, tap General, and then tap Orientation.

    Note: You can also access these settings in the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected phone.

  2. Select Left or Right under Wrist.

  3. Then, select Left or Right under Key position. This will flip the screen so you can use the buttons more easily.

    Right chosen under Button position on a Galaxy watch
  4. Your watch will apply your chosen selections, and the screen orientation will change.

  5. Now, you can use your watch on your preferred wrist! Just remove it from one wrist and securely attach it to the other. If you change the button orientation, you might find it helpful to swap the upper and lower watch strap position.

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