Personalize your Galaxy Watch5 with brand new accessories

5 models of Galaxy Watch5

Customizing the Galaxy Watch5 is essential when you want to add your own flair, but you’ll want to protect it, too. With our collection of official accessories, including stylish wristbands and sturdy faceplate protectors, you’re covered when you need something new to express yourself. When it’s time to charge your watch after a long day, you can show it off with the new Charging Cradle as well. 

Watch bands

One of the most customizable parts of your Galaxy Watch5 is the watch band. With a range of styles to choose from, you can change your watch to match any occasion or outfit.

  • Sport Bands: These bands are perfect for outdoor activities or when you’re exercising. You can select from the standard Sport Band, the Two-Tone Sport Band, the Magnetic D Buckle Sport Band, and the Rugged Sport Band. A variety of colors are available as well!

  • Metal Link Bracelet: Exclusive to the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, this bracelet band provides a timeless look for everyday wear. You can select from black or silver. 

Galaxy Watch5 Band options
  • Milanese Band: These bands offer a sleek and delicate design, featuring a blend of metal and fabric. Available in black and silver, these are an excellent choice for business attire.

  • Global Goals Band: Show your support for the Global Goals with this exclusive band from Samsung.

  • Note: The Magnetic D Buckle, Rugged Sport Band, Global Goals Band, and Milanese Band are compatible with the Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch5, and Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

Rugged Case protectors

The Rugged Cover protectors are faceplates that can be attached to your Galaxy Watch5 Pro. These will protect your watch from scratches, impacts, and other outdoor elements when you’re on the go. Plus, they’re a great companion to the Rugged Sports Bands!

The Rugged Cover protectors come in black, gray, and sand. You can choose which goes best with your selected Rugged Sports Band, or mix and match.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro with Rugged Case Protector

Note: The Rugged Cover protectors are compatible with the Galaxy Watch5 Pro only.

Charging Cradle

The convenient Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle lets you charge and display your Galaxy Watch5 at the same time. Just place the cradle on your nightstand, desk, or wherever you normally leave your watch to recharge. 

Note: The charger is not included with the Charging Cradle, however it is compatible with the following puck style chargers that came with your watch: EP-OR825, EP-OR500, and EP-OR900.

Galaxy Watch5 Charging Cradle
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