Samsung Care Plus
Samsung Care Plus

Whatever happens, we make the best of it

Take care of your new Galaxy device and Infinity display with extensive coverage, expert assistance and speedy repair services.
Terms and conditions apply.

What is Samsung Care+?

Don't let cracks and bumps get in the way of your phone's usability. Samsung Care+ protects your device from accidental damage for up to two years. All repairs are carried out by authorized service providers, because our specialists know your Galaxy best. And with a low deductible of AED 180 /15 KWD /19 BHD per claim, even the biggest of accidents are no problem. Get 2 years of coverage for AED 499 / KWD 39 / BHD 51

What’s covered

Samsung Care+ takes care of 2 accidents over 2 years. Devices covered are Galaxy Note10, Note10+, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8.
Cracked screens: Cracks on the screen or glass back affecting the usability of the device.
Liquid damage and other problems: Accidental liquid or physical damage that impairs the phone's functionality.

Where to buy


Eros Harman House Jackys Jumbo Lulu MDS Sharaf DG Carrefour


Switch Wahran Lulu


Bin Hindi Sharaf DG Lulu
Samsung Care+ is now available at Eros, Harman House, Jacky's, Jumbo, Lulu, MDS, Sharaf DG, Switch, Wahran and many more stores to come.

Claims and cancellation

Make a claim or cancel your coverage by calling the hotline below. All you need is your 15-digit IMEI number.
Find it by entering *#06# on the phone's call screen or by going into the about phone section of the settings menu.
Tel. 800-7267864

Tel. 183-2255

Tel. 8000-4726

Have your IMEI number ready when calling

  • Method 1
    Method 1
    Open your phone's call screen
    and enter *#06#
  • Method 2
    Method 2
    Look in the Settings menu
    for a general "About Phone" section

How is it better than the warranty?

  • Basic manufacturer
    warranty covers:
    •  Phone breakdown
    •  Remote diagnostics and setup
    •  Walk-in at 24 locations for same-day repair
    •  1 Year battery warranty
    •  Phone health check and lifetime customer support
  • Samsung Care+ adds:
    •  24 months cover for AED 499/ KWD 39 / BHD 51
    •  All accidental damages from handling
    •  2 claims over 2 years
    •  AED 180/ KWD 15/ BHD 19 excess per claim
    •  30 days to buy after smartphone purchase
    •  Additional 1 year extended warranty
  • Does not cover:
    •  Loss of the product
    •  Deliberate damage
    •  Cosmetic damage
    •  Pickpocketing
    •  Theft with no force, violence, or threat of it
    •  Lack of reasonable care
    •  Damages result of normal wear and tear

Find out more

Terms & Conditions
Details you should know about the Samsung Care+ legal agreement, and how it works
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most common questions about Samsung Care+
  • Where can I purchase Samsung Care+?
    • You can purchase Samsung Care+ at the stores mentioned above under "Where to buy" section. For more information, please call 800-7267864 in the UAE or 183-2255 in Kuwait in Bahrain 8000-4726.
  • What do you mean by accidental damage?
    • If your phone is accidentally damaged, you’ll be covered. Just give us a call when you’re back in the UAE or Kuwait to make a claim. Kindly note that you can only request a claim in the UAE/ Kuwait and must report any accidental damage occurring abroad within 60 days.
  • What do you mean by worldwide cover?
    • If your phone is accidentally damaged, you’ll be covered. Just give us a call when you’re back in the UAE or Kuwait or Bahrain to make a claim. Kindly note that you can only request a claim in the UAE/ Kuwait/Bahrain and must report any accidental damage occurring abroad within 60 days.
  • Is cosmetic damage covered?
    • Cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents aren’t covered, but cracked screens are.
  • What is the excess?
    • The excess on your Samsung Care+ is 180 AED / 15 KWD /19 BHD + taxes for all successful claims, which must be paid before your claim can be processed.
  • What happens if my phone is replaced?
    • If it is decided your phone needs to be replaced, the Samsung Care+ policy and its remaining protection plan shall be transferred to the new phone received.
  • Where do I make a claim?
    • You can submit a claim request by visiting one of our Authorized Samsung Centers. If you're abroad, you can initiate a claim instantly by contacting us on 8007267864 in the UAE or 183-2255 in Kuwait or Bahrain 8000-4726 and later submitting your phone to the Authorized Samsung Center when returning back to your country of residence.
  • How Many Claims do I have?
    • Your Samsung Care+ plan allows you to claim two accidental damage repairs. Once all claims are consumed, the device shall continue to be covered with Extended Warranty until the Samsung Care+ plan expires in 24 months from plan purchase date.
  • When can I purchase Samsung Care +?
    • You can purchase Samsung Care+ along with the purchase of a new Samsung Phone. You can also purchase Samsung Care+ within a 30 days window from the date you first purchased your device. Kindly note that Samsung Care+ plan only applies on a target list of devices.
  • Is there a cooling off period?
    • The 'cooling off period' is within thirty (30) day period from the Samsung Care+ purchase date. If you change your mind during the cooling off period, you can cancel your policy and we’ll refund any premium paid provided that no claim has been submitted. If you've already consumed all or part of the Samsung Care+ benefits, then the premium paid will no longer be refundable. If your policy was cancelled by us due to misuse or fraud, then these rights do not apply (see our Terms and Conditions below for more details).
  • How do I cancel my Samsung Care+?
    • If you want to cancel your policy within the cooling off period and requesting a refund, Please check with the Retailer you purchased Samsung Care+ from.
  • Who are Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC Kuwait)?
    • This policy is underwritten by Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC Kuwait), which has its registered office in Safat, Kuwait. We also operate under the trading name Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC Kuwait). Our business address is: Bahrain Kuwait Insurance P.O. Box 26728, Safat 13128, Kuwait.
  • Who are Alliance Insurance PSC?
    • This policy is underwritten by Alliance Insurance PSC., which has its registered office in Dubai, U.A.E. and operates under the trading name Alliance Insurance PSC. Business address is: Warba Centre 2nd & 3rd Floor Deira, Dubai United Arab Emirates Allliance Insurance PSC is an insurer licensed to act in the United Arab Emirates with corporate identification No 206782 and registered with the Federal Tax Authority No 100042583300003
  • Who are Orient Insurance PJSC?
    • This policy is underwritten by Orient Insurance PJSC., which has its registered office in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. We also operate under the trading name Orient Insurance PJSC. Our business address is: Orient Insurance PJSC- Bahrain | Office no 122, 7th Floor, Building no 398, Road # 2806, Block #428, Seef District, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Orient Insurance PJSC is an insurer licensed to act in Bahrain with corporate identification No 95407-1.