How to check if the Samsung air conditioner is not cooling?

Last Update date : 2022-06-13

Slow Cooling Problem in Samsung Air-Conditioner can be due to the following reasons:

  • Cooling mode is not set in the cold temperature.
  • some obstacles from front of indoor or outdoor unite.
  • Airfilter is not clean.
  • The room is much bigger than the power of the AC.
  • Installation is not recommended side in the room. 


Follow the steps to check the cooling problem

1 Make sure that Cool Mode is selected and the temperature is set on Auto.
2 Please remove obstacles from the front of Indoor unit or outdoor unit. If there is an obstacle, the product cannot inhale enough air.
3 Wash the Air Filter periodically. Cooling efficiency is lower if the filter is polluted.
How to clean the Air filter for split AC?

Removing air filter

1 Open front panel.
2 Pull Air filter towards you and slide it down.

Cleaning air filter

  • Clean the air filter by washing the filter with running water.

  • Dry the air filter in a ventilated area. Odor can occur if the air filter is not dried completely or dries in a confined (or humid) area. 

Reassembling air filter.

Insert the air filter back in its original position and close the front panel.

How to clean the Air filter for Window AC:
1 Pull the Air-filter to the right side.
2 Remove all the dust from the Air-filter using vacuum cleaner or brush.
3 When you have finished, insert the air-filter back to its original position.


Cooling can be affected also if the AC capacity is not suited to the room size or the AC installed is placed in a location not recommended.

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