How to install the Samsung refrigerator water supply line?

Last Update date : 2021-04-06

To install the refrigerator water supply line, please follow these instructions carefully. 

Note: Full installation instructions are included in the user manual for each model and these should be adhered to. Customers are advised that Samsung does not accept responsibility for damage resulting from incorrectly connected appliances and all calls to rectify such faults will be fully chargeable.

Connecting to the water supply line

Step 1. First, shut off the main water supply. 

shut off the main water supply

Step 2. Locate the nearest cold drinking water line and install the pipe clamp (A) and shut off valve (B).

install the pipe clamp and shut off valve

Step 3. Connect the water line installation kit (C) to the shut-off valve (B).

connect the water line installation kit to the shut off valve
The items to complete the water supply line connection

There are several items that you need to purchase to complete this connection. You may find these items sold as a kit at your local hardware store.

When you use Copper Tubing:

  • ¼” copper tubing
  • ¼” compression nut (1 pc)
  • Ferrule (2 pc)

When you use Plastic Tubing:

  • ¼” plastic tubing → Molded end (Bulb)
  • ¼” compression nut (1 pc)
Connecting the water supply line to the refrigerator

Step 1. Connect the household water line (A) to the assembled compression fitting (B).

connect the household water line to the assembled compression

If you are using copper tubing, slip the compression nut (C) (not supplied) and ferrule (not supplied) on the copper tubing (not supplied) as shown.

slip the compression nut and ferrule on the copper tubing

If you are using plastic tubing (B), insert the molded end (Bulb) of the plastic tubing (B) into the compression fitting.

Note: Do not use without the molded end (Bulb) of the plastic tubing (B).

Step 2. Tighten the compression nut (B) onto the compression fitting.

Note: Do not overtighten the compression nut (B).

Step 3. Turn the water on and check for any leakage. If you find water drops or leakage in the connection areas, turn off the main water supply. Check the connections and, if necessary, tighten them.

Step 4. After installing the water line, flush the water line and filter by pressing and holding down the water dispenser lever with a container to catch the dispensed water. Dispense at least 2~3 gallons (7~11 liters) of water to ensure that all air and impurities have been flushed from the system.

Step 5. After flushing, the lines, test the water pressure to verify it is at a minimum water pressure of 20 psi. Test the water pressure by dispensing water into a measuring cup for 10 seconds.

  • If at least 5.75 ounces (163 grams) of water are dispensed, the water pressure is above 20 psi.
  • If the refrigerator is installed in an area with low water pressure (below 20 psi), you should install a booster pump to compensate for the low pressure.

Step 6. After you turn on the refrigerator, let the ice maker make ice for 1 to 2 days. Over that period of time, throw out the first 1 or 2 buckets of ice that the freezer makes to ensure all impurities have been removed from the waterline.


  • Only connect the water line to a drinkable water source.
  • If you have to repair or disassemble the water line, cut off 1/4“ of the plastic tubing to make sure that you get a snug, leak-free connection.
  • When flushing the water lines for the first time, water will not dispense immediately because air is in them.
  • You can test the waterline by quickly using a paper cup.
  • Under normal conditions, the water dispenser can fill a 5.75 oz (170 cc) cup in about 10 seconds.
  • If you have been holding the dispenser lever for over 3 minutes and water is not being dispensed, verify that the water supply valve is open and that power is being supplied to the unit.

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