How to use the eco drum clean in my Samsung Washing Machine?

Last Update date : 2021-05-17

Perform this cycle regularly to clean the drum and to remove bacteria from the washing machine.

Follow the steps below :



1 Keep the washing machine clean to prevent deteriorated performance and to preserve its life cycle.

Note: Do not use any cleaning agents for cleaning the drum. Chemical residue in the drum deteriorates the washing performance.

2 Press the Power button to turn on washing machine.
3 Turn the Course Selector > select ECO DRUM CLEAN > Press the Start/Pause button.

Note: The water temperature for ECO DRUM CLEAN is set to 70 °C, which cannot be changed.

4 When you first see this reminder, you can ignore the reminder for 6 consecutive times. From the 7th wash, the reminder does not appear. However, it appears again on the second 40th wash.

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