My washing machine is causing the clothes to fray

Last Update date : 2023-02-23

It can be upsetting to have your clothes come out worse than when you put them in the washing machine, but in the majority of cases, any stains or damage that weren't present when you put them in the washer aren't caused by your washer. Routine maintenance and cleaning, along with the proper use of additives, will frequently correct and prevent the problem.

Clothes are torn, ripped, or shredded

When inspecting the inside of the tub, use caution. Running your hand over jagged edges may result in injury.

If your clothes are coming out damaged, inspect the tub and gasket to see if the fabric is getting snagged on anything. This can be caused by a ripped or jagged edge, or by the tub being out of alignment and creating gaps in which laundry can become pinched. Front-loading models also have a rubber gasket to inspect for ripped edges. 

Note :

  • If any part of the washing machine is damaged, please contact our Support Center to arrange for service.
  • Service is not required unless there is damage to the washer discovered during inspection. The only other possible source of damage is what's in the washer (such as other items in the load with ragged or sharp edges), or using a spin speed that's faster than the laundry can handle. Some fabrics, such as silk, lace, and chiffon, are damaged when spun at high speeds. Always follow the fabric care instructions on the laundry label and the Fabric Care Chart in the user manual, and then choose the appropriate cycles and settings for the fabric you're washing.

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